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Anyone staying Cotswold court or near?

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    Literally spoke to no-one and not found flat-mates anyone in same boat? Worrying! rught
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    Ive got flat 403 Cotswold court and haven't found any flat mates either:confused:
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    It's a nightmare I've found one now. They all seem to not exist on the internet aha what you studying dude? Flat 614 btw (:
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    Haha well im studying product design tech you?

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    209 Cotswold
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    Cool and business management... What day you moving down?
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    I stayed in Cotswold at UWE, it's the best one.
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    Aha good atmosphere? I shall hold you personally responsible if it's not the best now.
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    i'm at cotswold and studying business and management
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    I'm in 604. Haven't met anyone in my flat yet. Or on my course Going to be a lonely year :P


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Updated: June 28, 2013
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