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If you were asked to rate the genes you will pass on...

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    Probably 60. Slim and have long legs like my Mum, but I have a short torso and a long history of mental illness. I wouldn't say I was stupid, but I'm much more creatively-minded than I am logicically. There is certainly better out there. :laugh:
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    0 cause i have HMSN (unkown type) so reproducing would be going against natural selection.

    i get quite sad about it sometimes :L
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    Honestly? 98.
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    100, I am the greatest
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    I'd probably say 55 for me.

    Good points
    Fairly intelligent. Good health and no family history of heart disease/cancer. Family history of long lives. Fit and healthy. Average looking but can be pretty at times

    Bad points
    Ginger hair. Not gifted at sports. Family history of mental health disorders. Poor eyesight
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    Assuming 50 is average.

    pretty ugly, average height, average intelligence, good memory, big ol' dick.

    I would guess like 50.
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    + Height
    + 20/20 Vision
    + No Allergies
    + Naturally Slim
    + Intelligent

    - Thin Hair
    - Acute acne on back (not sure if genetic?)

    So all in all, I'd give myself a 75/100?
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    (Original post by Rish7)
    + Height
    + 20/20 Vision
    + No Allergies
    + Naturally Slim
    + Intelligent

    - Thin Hair
    - Acute acne on back (not sure if genetic?)

    So all in all, I'd give myself a 75/100?
    What do you mean 'naturally slim'..?
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    I would say good, if it wasn't for my asthma, family history of bipolar and we all put on fat very easily (we're not obese or anything, but have to be really careful about what we eat.
    Tall, smart, athletic and hardworking, so probably 65.


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Updated: August 2, 2012
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