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England or Scottland??

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    i really like to study in the uk!!
    But I dont know where!
    So it'll be great if you'll give me
    some informations about studying and
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    I hope you choose England after misspelling Scotland :l

    Anyways, Scotland is the best.
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    Both are great places , but England has the edge because of weather hehe
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    (Original post by Kerry567)
    i really like to study in the uk!!
    But I dont know where!
    So it'll be great if you'll give me
    some informations about studying and
    You've forgotten Wales lol - I'm English, but study in Wales, and Wales is awesome,

    Avoid London though. From what I've heard accommodation is hard to find and is often expensive. Wales OTOH is cheap. Unis I reccommend;

    Cambridge (East)
    Oxford (South)
    Bristol (South West)
    Bath (South West)
    Exeter (South West)
    Leeds (North)
    Southampton (South)
    Birmingham (Midlands)
    Nottingham (Midlands)
    Sheffield (North)
    Durham (North East)
    Newcastle (North East)
    Manchester (North West)
    UEA - it's in Norwich! (East)
    Reading (South East)
    Liverpool (North West)
    Hull (North/North East)
    Brighton (South East)
    Portsmouth (South)
    Canterbury (South East)

    Aberdeen (East)
    St Andrews (East)
    Edinburgh (South East)
    Stirling (Central)
    Glasgow (West)

    Cardiff (South East)
    Cardiff Metropolitan (South East)
    Swansea (South West)
    Aberystwyth - I go there, it's brilliant! (West)
    Bangor (North West)
    Glamorgan (South East)
    Glyndwyr (near Wrexham) (North East)

    Queen Mary (the only one I know in NI)
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    The thing is, it's all so different in Scotland or in England. You could go to uni on the south coast of England like I and get nice hot Autumns and Springs for beach parties. Now I can't judge other universities but all I know is that you can't walk to the beach if you go to uni in Birmingham.

    For courses, just choose the best uni you with the course you want. That'll narrow it down to more sensible levels of options.


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Updated: July 30, 2012
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