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Doctor Who: David Tennant vs Matt Smith

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    Doctor who is back on. I've got a question for all the doctor who fans out there.

    Who is the better doctor David Tennant or Matt Smith?

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    I prefer David Tennant personally.
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    David Tennant definitely. I don't watch it now - I gave matt smith a go but i simply don't enjoy it so much any more.
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    Matt Smith. He's just so much more alieny, and manages to give off that air of being young yet incredibly old.
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    David Tennant. I watched every season with David Tennant but only watched one episode with Matt Smith and have never watched another one again, he's just not the same. Matt also looks incredibly weird.
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    David Tennant :sogood:

    I tried to watch the new Doctor Who but I just can't get into it with Matt Smith, although to be fair he is still pretty good looking and a reasonable actor.
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    David Tennant without a doubt, Matt Smith and Steven Moffat have butchered Doctor Who in my opinion.
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    Tom Baker

    (possibly due to my age)

    David Tennant is sexier but Matt Smith went to my daughter's school so I am torn
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    (Original post by Nooshkabob)
    David Tennant definitely. I don't watch it now - I gave matt smith a go but i simply don't enjoy it so much any more.
    This. Loved Tennant as an actor.
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    i love matt smith but i think david tennant was better. i think the problems with the latest doctor are down to russel t davies leaving and the writing now... even though steve moffat wrote some of the best episodes back in the day he's just not doing a good job as head writer..
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    Matt Smith :love:

    I'm biased there though
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    David tennant. I don't think Matt smith is bad, I just prefer the style and character of the 10th.
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    David Tennant..
    converses over a fez ANY DAY!!
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    I think Matt Smith is just the best
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    I tried watching the Matt Smith episodes but just couldn't get into them. I question though whether that is because of the poorly-written story lines or Matt Smith himself. A combination of the two I think.
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    David Tennant. I like him a lot as an actor, and I generally prefer the 10th doctor's personality.
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    David Tennant is amazing.
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    David Tennant was always going to be a very tough act to follow but I think Matt Smith has done brilliantly so far. As for who's better, I really don't know. I prefer Matt Smith's character in a way, he comes across as arrogant at times which is something that never happened with David and I think it fits the super-intelligent alien persona much better. So I prefer Matt Smith's character, but I don't really have a preference when between the actors themselves.

    Btw, does anyone know when the show is coming back?
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    (Original post by RedDevilThing)

    Btw, does anyone know when the show is coming back?
    Trailer for series 7 is coming out on the 2nd of august.
    Likely air date for part 1 Saturday 25 August 2012.
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    David tennent ftw, iv noticed the current series with matt smith have been dummed down to make it more appealing for children, but less so for older people.
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    (Original post by Miracle Day)
    David Tennant without a doubt, Matt Smith and Steven Moffat have butchered Doctor Who in my opinion.
    I can tell you are probably more of a Torchwood fan anyway


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