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Starting to have second thoughts..

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    hey, i originally applied for Birmingham City university to study media and communications but I am now starting to have second thoughts about the uni.. My second choice was Southampton which I already have an unconditional offer for.. But since then, I have gained abit of interest for Cardiff, DMU and Nottingham as well as quite interested now about other uni's.. Bournemouth was the uni I adored but they rejected me after an interview and only got DDM anyway.. (10 marks off DDD!!)

    I wanna know how exactly is Birmingham uni due to the fact of me having second thoughts (i think its mostly cause i feel messed around by them.. Everyone else seems to have an unconditional offer given to them straight away except from me) What unis are actually best for Media? Would it be too late to go into clearing and how? Whats your opinions on DMU and Nottingham too? I was thinking of sticking out BCU for a year and then change if dont like it.. but i guess thats 9,000 down the drain tbh..

    It could be nerves about moving away from home, and perhaps the fear of not making any new friends, not settling in etc. I just wanna know if making the right choice..
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    The University of the Arts London and the Unniversity of Greenwich also specialize in Media.
    Ever thought about them
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    Apparently Ravensbourne "is a world-class higher education institution in London, innovating in digital media and design".
    I think great for Digital Media.
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    ravensbourne are currently ranked 84 out of 87 uni's offering media related courses both academic and practical.

    check this link


    Buyer beware - a shiny new building isn't everything


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