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Advice on studying ACCA in London: Where and How?

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    Hi everyone,

    I would like to get some advice about studying for the ACCA in London.

    I just graduated from a Russell group uni with a 2.2 in Accounting and Finance so my job opportunities have been limited, so I'm considering writing the ACCA exams in December. I learnt I will be exempt from F1, F2, F3, F5 and F9 papers.

    Having looked at the fees charged by Kaplan, BPP, First Intuition, LSBF and LSAM, I'm trying to decide whether to enroll in Online courses with recorded lectures or buy the home study materials and attempt to teach myself, because I can't really afford more than £350 per module but the classroom tuition fees range from £425 up to £600, Online Lectures are around £300 and Home study material are around £200.

    Are there any other good schools within Zone 1 and 2 (I'd have to get the bus) I'm unaware off that might be cheaper? If not, which of the ones listed above would you recommend?

    Also, how many exams would you advise I sit in the first semester and in what order? I'd also appreciate any other general advice e.g. how many hours of study required per module etc.

    Thanks in advance


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