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Previous employment and medical applications; do we need references?

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Ask us your questions on the GMC new guidance for medical students on professional values 31-05-2016
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    Basically I want to know that for any previous eployment be it paid/unpaid when mentioning these on the UCAS form, do we also need to be able o provide references and will the universities want too contact them directly?

    The reason I ask is that I am currently working at the Olympics as a Games Maker (mixturre of voluntary and paid roles) and as you can appreciate after a few months the organisation (LOCOG) will cease to exist. Hence even if I supply contact details for the head office etc, should the medical schools wish to contact them to verify references etc, they will have a hard time of doing so. I similarly worked at other sporting events e.g. Commonwealth Games etc and it would be thhe same issue. The only thing I would have to verify my work at the events would be copies of the accreditation passes I have and "thank you" certificates/letters.

    so my question is basically;

    Do medical school follow up your employment details?

    If yes will the fact that my organisations cease to exist or will do so imminently be an issue in this?

    I am keen to mention my work at such events given the profile they have but am concerned about the process. If anyone could shed some light on how medical schools view previous employment etc I would be extremely grateful.

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    I can't remember if there's a specific section on the UCAS form for employment, I don't think so.

    But you're going to be mentioning this sort of thing in the PS which means you won't need to provide references.
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    Why the negative rep?

    I thought it was a valid question? I guess not.
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    (Original post by Elwyn)
    I can't remember if there's a specific section on the UCAS form for employment, I don't think so.

    But you're going to be mentioning this sort of thing in the PS which means you won't need to provide references.
    Yeah I would mention it in my PS.

    But I mean won't the medical schools want to follow this up directly and contact previous employers to verify details? Hence my concerns as organisations I previously worked with e.g Manchester 2002 and soon the LOCOG cease to exist.

    I will ask my line manager(s) for a cover letter before the end of my time at the games just to keep on file.

    P.S. there is a section to list all previous employment I think.
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    I can't imagine that it would be much of a problem not having references, and the evidence you have already described (certificates, confirmation letters, etc.) should be more than enough if you describe the circumstances.
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    I'd make sure you had some kind of reference/contact details.
    Nottingham and King's ask you for them in your application.
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    Yep, some places do. Liverpool, for example, will check out *anything* you put down as employment or work experience, that in your UCAS form and that which you just put in your personal statement. They'll contact someone you designate, basically to make sure they actually did it.
    Those places which do though, will tend to ask you to give them the contact details, or they'll find out the head person in that organisation (who will still be around, regardless of them not being a member of the organisation anymore) and work from there. They're so thorough, they'll find it, I'm sure.
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    Well the places I'm thinking of are Cambridge, Warwick, Oxford, St George's, King's and maybe Edinburgh for 5 year.


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