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View on "Team GB" being British?

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    I'm pretty sure most people have been referring to the team as team GB? Do people really have to moan about everything?

    (Original post by RobertAnthonySmith)
    Can't help but feel that was a dig at Scottish people
    If you would rather do pretty badly as Team Scotland, then that's your personal opinion. I haven't heard any other Scottish people asking for their own team, personally. There are some really prominent Scottish members of Team GB and NI anyway, so I don't think it's all bad. Your desire for a Scottish team is clearly rooted in your dislike for unity, which is fair enough, just your opinion.

    (Original post by Gales)
    I know Chris Hoy trained in Wales...
    Brilliant, a true Scott ahahaha

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    Actually from what I can tell most people I know (i live in glasgow) are getting right behind team gb.

    (Original post by Mac.)
    As a Scott i laugh at all the independence stuff. Seriously we get most of out money from English taxes.
    Yeah the SNP want us to have our rights to healthcare and education... Cause it's getting paid for by manly the English. Ahahahaha.

    I wonder how many of our scottish athlete train in scotland...

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    'As a Scott'? What as in part of the Scott family?

    And what is 'manly' paid by the english?

    (Original post by Tomcrease)
    If there's not many Scottish athletes on team GB surely that means there's not many top Scottish athletes. Otherwise there would be more on the team?
    Why the negatives lol, I just stated that the guy that's been hitting the news is Scottish and has an obvious accent. Also, Andy Murray, think he's English isn't he

    (Original post by iamthestig)
    As a joint Welshman and Briton, I'm very proud of Team GB.

    I also think the not singing the anthem at the football is pathetic personally.

    (Original post by HDBrowne)
    Isn't Wiggins from the Isle of Man? which isn't actually Britain lol but still
    No but Cavendish is.

    I think one of the women is as well, just not sure on her name.

    Pretty sure one of the other male cyclists is from the Isle of Man. Can't remember which though..


    (Original post by Funky_Climber)
    Why the negatives lol, I just stated that the guy that's been hitting the news is Scottish and has an obvious accent. Also, Andy Murray, think he's English isn't he
    Umm, sorry, but what does this have to do with my comment?


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Updated: August 5, 2012
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