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I'm desperate for help

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    I am very desperate for help;
    Basically i finished yr13 at the end of June. Since then it feels as if my life has been stuck in this massive rut. Basically what happens is that i get up, go the gym, go to work as a waiter, go home go to sleep and repeat the next day. It depresses me when i look at facebook and see all of my classmates out having the time of their lives whilst I am stuck in the sidelines doing nothing exciting with my life :'(. I am just worried if that i was to die tomorrow no-one would remember me for anything. This problem is also nade worse by the fact that i have no motivation to go anywhere professionally with my life and that i have a rather hefty bill to pay for a new muffler for my car (a 1997 Ford Fiesta 1.25) and that i feel like i am missing out :'(

    Please, i need advice, what can i do to make life worth living :'(
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    save up and go travelling

    It doesn't have to be expensive, and it can still be the time of your life.
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    (Original post by theandyguthrie)
    save up and go travelling

    It doesn't have to be expensive, and it can still be the time of your life.
    Thats one possibility, cheers man

    Anymore ideas anyone?
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    Remember that everyone feels like that and that's why they feel the need to post all of those things on Facebook. They're all mostly lies anyway so just ignore it and don't compare your life to everyone else's! Why not try to learn something new? Are you going to uni? Or is there something you've always wanted to do but have never had the time or chance before?

    Trust me everyone once they leave school feels like that because suddenly you're out on your own with nothing to go back to, i.e. no nice easy timetabled life anymore. If that's what you thrive on then you have to sort it out yourself. Sounds like perfectly normal growing up feelings to me.


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Updated: August 3, 2012
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