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Best non iPod mp3 player?

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    Today, I did something incredibly stupid - I went swimming in the sea with my iPod touch in my pocket. I was toying with going away from Apple anyway, so what's the best mp3 I can get for under £150? 16gb, ideally

    i think samsung make an mp3 player. It's like an galaxy S without the phone part.

    tbh there's not that much to look for in an mp3 player, if that's all you need it to do you could get one for much less than that.

    Iphone... well its not an Ipod


    you can get it in 3.6 or 5.0 inch versions, and its like the galaxy phone, coolest alternative to an ipod or there is the sony walkman in some form.

    Best in what way? Interface? Feature set? Audio quality? It depends on your priorities really, you can get some lovely sounding players with no other functions but audio playback, similarly you can get players with fully fledged smartphone operating systems that scrimp on the audio chip and battery life. Let me know what you're after and I'll be able to rattle off a few options.
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    Well, something with similar features as an iPod touch would be useful, so web browser etc ideally. I was having a look at the Microsoft Zune HD, anyone know if that would be worth getting?

    (Original post by jerseymackem)
    Well, something with similar features as an iPod touch would be useful, so web browser etc ideally. I was having a look at the Microsoft Zune HD, anyone know if that would be worth getting?
    To be honest the best device with features like an iPod Touch is the iPod Touch, thanks to the app store, the newest generations are pretty superior in terms of functionality compared to alternative devices which at best run old versions of Android. If you can wait until September that would be ideal, since that's when iPods get their annual refresh. If you do want to move away from Apple, go for the Samsung Galaxy Players mentioned above.


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