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I want to go travelling with someone - anyone?

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    Hey guys , wow alot of responses. I'm going off to work in 10 minutes but I will respond to all the people after work, later today.

    But as for where I want to go - I'm very open minded. I only have about 15 days off of work so I was thinking of going away for a maximum of 10 days really. As for where? Very open minded. I'm not 100% sure yet how the interrailing system works .... but I'm very open as to how many places are worth visiting and where.

    Anyways I'll respond properly later.

    EDIT: My idea was Europe. So no not China, not at this time.
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    To the poster who suggested Prague, Bucharest etc

    I think considering I have not travelled Europe much before ... I would prefer to initially see the likes of Spain, Italy etc first before I venture out to the more particular places like Bucharest etc But as I said before ... I really want to get travelling .. and with 1 person (at least, maybe more). So who knows. I'll PM you in a bit, bucharest guy. Bed time now, night.
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    How about iraq?


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