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Good combination AS?

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    I am unsure what I want to do at uni but these are all A levels I have an interest in, Are these string ASs; geography, politics, economics, chemistry. I am also starting to take up rowing and swimming but I will still do 3 hours a night and I would miss a session to make sure I did that revision, I believe it is essential to get the right balance. Any thoughts on what I have said would be appreciated.

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    I did AS and A2 Politics, it was so much fun. Every lesson we had a new debate, but I think that was mainly down to my teacher (Who was the best) Its one of those subjects that you have to put a lot of time into. You have to stay updated on the news and understand current affairs. It took up the majority of my time, and the essay's are hardcore they take hours to write.
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    Good choices!

    But if you want to study Economics at Uni you may require A level maths, unless you really like geography, I'd replace it with Maths.

    Maths, Eco, Politics and Chem go really well together

    Don't hesitate to ask me if you require help/questions on A level Economics

    PM me if you require AS/A2 Economics notes


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Updated: August 4, 2012
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