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Must haves..etc for University?

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    Lost some weight, down from XL to Medium and need a ton new clothes as all my other ones are wayy to big.. Have £200 to spend.

    This is what I've bought so far..,brand

    in White, Black, Red & Navy Blue.

    Also a couple hoodies..[207227|207226]&noOfRefinements=1

    What else would I need for university? What do you all wear casually?
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    I'd just buy more of what you have already bought- you can never go wrong with jeans and hoodies.
    Buy a few nice shirts for going out etc but you're off to a good start Well done for loosing so much weight too, it sounds like you've done really well!
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    Jeans sound good. How about some V-neck cut tshirts? I think they do look quite nice on guys.
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    well done on the size drop! Just buy things you feel comfortable in. A few t-shirts, a few pairs of jeans, some hoodies and a coat or jacket. I'm guessing that's what the standard stduent would be wearing at uni..
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    I'm going into my second year at uni so I'm basing this on what I wear and my male friends' equivalents!
    Trousers-wise I'd get a couple of pairs of comfy jeans and some trackys for those days when you don't have any lectures and you're just working in your room.
    Jacket/coat for winter - if you can carry it off I still quite like military style jackets, say perhaps in grey wool, maybe a blazer as well if you can afford it
    Hoodies - what you've got looks good, if you want any more maybe something in a brighter colour. Although, if you join societies when you get to uni there's a high chance that they'll have some stash!
    Tops - I'd invest in a few shirts, both smart and casual if possible for those smarter occasions/going out. Also some plain tops which fit well so similar to what you've got, just maybe some slightly different styles/colours. In my opinion the tops which show half a guys chest almost always look a bit silly, they look great on a few people but are better left alone by many
    Suit? I have no idea if you need a suit or not - it probably depends what uni you're at.

    This probably seems like quite a long list to get for £200, so if I were you I'd have a look on ebay - I always filter things to my size and new and then list them by 'price and P+P, lowest first' which always brings up some bargains in the ladies' so I imagine it would in the mens' too - hope that helps a bit, if you want any more guidance just quote me


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