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w100 law degree

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    Hi All im starting thie course in feb 2013..

    i havent studied since i was 18 ... 16years ago..

    anyone got any advice on reading materials etc so i can prep myself


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    I start the OU W100 course in Feb 2013 too!

    So far, I have found the following resources which I have found useful, and assume they reflect some of the W100/LLB content:


    If I find any others I'll post them here!
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    (Original post by ianthompson77)
    Hi All im starting thie course in feb 2013..

    i havent studied since i was 18 ... 16years ago..

    anyone got any advice on reading materials etc so i can prep myself


    Hi Ian,

    I am also starting the same course in feb 13

    Ive been reading on forums and have found a number of books which might interest you including: letters to a law studen (Nicholas j macbride), the law machine and learning the law (by glanville Williams)... I've finished reading these books and they are incredible; they give you an idea of what to expect, how to organise work, note taking tips and much more. And a book that I've also read is: use your mind (by tony buzan) this book teaches you to read faster, retain more and learn more effectively (it's already helped me in work)

    I hope that helps.... Let me know how you get on and if you find any other good reads

    Ps I would invest in a law dictionary aswell (I've got a longman copy)
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    Starting Feb 2013 also - read an interesting article, relevant too I think, by HLA Hart Concept of Law It discusses the nature of 'rules' versus moral obligation/habit etc. That apart, I seek further pre-course reading, but beware to ensure it is relevant.
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    I have just finished the w100, 1piece of advice i would give for the course is to not leave the assignments until last minute like i did! I is a very interesting course im starting w200 in Feb! I hope u all enjoy the course im sure u will

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    I'm starting W100 in Feb 2013 as well.
    The W100 Feb 2012 thread on here attracted a lot of use and I hope that this thread will be as popular and helpful for the coming year

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Updated: October 29, 2012
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