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[New Question ] Ceramic vs tourmaline hair straighteners

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    I'm male and I have grown bit of hair at the back of my head and I'd like to have it straightened. The thing is when I try to gel it straight, it will get curly after a few minutes.

    I know that females buy a hair straightener to curl their straight hair but will it also work the other way round?
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    Definitely. Not to mention that gel is pretty mean on the hair, not saying that subjecting hair to heat is much better.

    So yes, just don't go crazy. As in, don't go straightening your hair every day. It'd end up thinning. Maybe consider investing in some of this

    p.s. Your hair curls back because gel is water based.
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    (Original post by StylaBoy)

    I have grown bit of hair at the back of my back

    I assume you mean hair, in which case, straighteners will definitely help. If you keep your straightened hair out of the rain, it should stay pretty straight all day
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    loooool that was embarrassing :-P

    b2t: thanks guys, I have also done some research before making this decisions and there seems to be 2 types of irons you can find in a straightener - ceramic and tourmaline where tourmaline is the better one in terms of preventing hair damage.

    does anyone of you know any good tourmaline straighteners? I camr across ceramic-tourmaline ones but didn't know what exactly they were.



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Updated: August 3, 2012
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