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Good classic romance books?

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    I didn't know 'War and Peace' was a romance! I want to read it, but it's just so huge. It's on my list of things to do though, just so I can triumphantly say I've managed to finish it :')

    I have read everything Austen. I love her novels, especially 'Emma'! She is one of my favourite authors <3

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    (Original post by LaurenPhilippa)
    Oh I can beat you on that! Went round to my friends house the other week, on the odd occasion of sunny weather we have here in Leeds, she had a BBQ.

    She also invited family members. I walked into the kitchen to hear her GRANDMA stating she "can't decide which of the 3 books is her favourite". :eek:

    I swiftly walked out. :creep:
    Old people have to get their kicks somehow
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    (Original post by thecrimsonidol)
    Old people have to get their kicks somehow
    Hahaha, innit. :sexface:

    Lmao, good luck to 'em. Whatever floats your boat and that.


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Updated: August 4, 2012
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