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    Ok well this is the most random thing i heard but apparently a few years ago lancaster had the highest student suicide rate out of all the uk unis?

    is this true? Please tell me not

    craig :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    This is an urban myth about Lancaster that has been knocking around since at least the mid 1980s (probably earlier), and is totally untrue!
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    (Original post by MI6 CSJ)
    Ok well this is the most random thing i heard but apparently a few years ago lancaster had the highest student suicide rate out of all the uk unis?

    is this true? Please tell me not

    craig :confused: :confused: :confused:

    LOL. the amount of times i have heard that! but i think it's as Paul said.
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    yeah think essex has the highest rate at the minute- but dont think lancaster is too far behind..
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    There could be one suicide here and none anywhere else - would still put us top.

    I find it hard to believe there are lots of suicides, i've never heard of any.
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    Yeh. Not surprised with those buildings at Lancaster. Nice landscape round the edges but the building is a concrete maze.
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    It's a myth, I heard the same rumour when I was planning on coming to Lancaster 3 years ago. People say it every year, yes i'd be suprised if in its histroy a student had not unfortunately done it, but I seriously doubt it's as high as people say.
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    As I've said before, people who are suicidal will probably have more reasons to feeling the way they do, as opposed to the university.
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    The statistics regarding suicide come from years ago. Unfortunately each year there is going to be a University with a the highest rate for suicide. Just like there will be the university with the lowest employment rate. When you come do Lancaster you will see all the things that have been done to reduce the suicide rate... We have a fantastic nightline, a 24 hour nurses station, a wonderful counselling service, many of our tutors and lecturers are trained to help individuals who are finding it tough. There's a college tutorial system in place, first year tutorial systems, and a mentor system in place. Plenty of adverts and lots of notices are up around the place to show people what to do if you are starting to struggle. Most importantlly, the majority of the people who work and live within the university always have an open door, a shoulder to cry on and sound advice to offer.

    Sorry, copied from another post I wrote a bit ago, but it still stands true.
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    i think it's probably an urban myth, i'm not at Lancaster but i've heard the same thing said about my uni!
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    I'm not dead yet and none of my mates are in my dorm so its all false.


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