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What is it like studying A+F

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    Could someone recommend me some books. I might do an AF degree, but I don't know too much about it other than the obvious. What will it actual entail? Some titles would be very helpful. Thanks
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    Im thinking of doing A&F degree too next year when I go to uni. I've looked at LSE and they suggest these books if you want to gain further insight into the subject:
    • P Atrill and E McLaney Financial Accounting for Decision Makers (6th edition, FT Prentice Hall, 2010)
    • Z Bodie, R Merton and D Cleeton Financial Economics (2nd edition, Prentice Hall, 2009)
    • W Clarke How the City of London Works (7th edition, Sweet and Maxwell, 2008)
    • A Bhimani, C T Horngren, S M Datar and G Foster Management and Cost Accounting (4th edition, Prentice Hall, 2008)
    • P Howell and K Bain Financial Markets and Institutions (5th Edition, FT Prentice Hall, 2007)
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    I read this as 'Abercrombie and Fitch degree'. :awesome:
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    (Original post by Pandabär)
    I read this as 'Abercrombie and Fitch degree'. :awesome:
    just have to look cool for 4 yrs thats it.


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Updated: August 8, 2012
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