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Taking a teddy uni?? (pic)

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    Ive got lots of teddies but I want to take my teddy pig (called oink) to uni, dya think I should or would it be to embarrassing

    Have you or would you??

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    he looks lovely
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    Take it.
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    Take it, no one will care. I took teddy bears to uni, no one batted an eyelid.
    If anyone does comment on it, the best thing to do is be completely unembarrassed. Once the person sees that it doesn't bother you, they'll get bored and stop the comments. Simples.
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    I'm bringing a near-lifesize white tiger. Not a single **** given
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    That pig is badass... I wouldn't feel ashamed about taking it to uni with me
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    All the girls in my flat took at least one, when we went into one guy's room to watch TV we'd all take a bear with us!
    Do it, it'll help you settle in!
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    N'awwww :-D He's awesome! Take him =D
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    I took about 10 teddies with me and an owl cushion and I survived, so don't worry :p: My housemates all have bears, I admit we are all girls but no one cares, we like each others teddies because they're all so cute!
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    wouldnt teddy feel alone if you went to uni without him?
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    Take it. All of the girls in my flat took a teddy, including me. Admittedly he got booted off the bed whenever I shared my bed, however it's a piece of home isn't it. Even one of the tough sports lads in my dorm took a teddy. No one cares.
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    I would
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    (Original post by emily_something)
    wouldnt teddy feel alone if you went to uni without him?
    Awww that's very true, wouldnt want him to miss me hehe

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    Thanks for the replies I'm defo gonna take him with me now hehe

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    I'm taking my Winnie The Pooh (had him since my first Christmas) and another bear
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    I'm deffo taking my teddy penguin, "waddles". xD

    Had him since I was about 1, not leaving home without him! :love:

    He's my little good luck charm. :')

    Hah, yeah i'm 18....haters gonna' hate.

    Just kidding, I'm sure lots of people take them - i certainly will be!
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    Take him - I had a shelf full of various things (Me to You and Boofle/Eeyore mainly) and noone said anything..

    (Have my own teddy, plus a toy devil that have always been in my bed with me but noone saw them!)
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    I'm taking the one I've had for 11 years now. Maybe more. ^_^ But he does look lovely.
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    You couldn't leave him at home! I brought mine with me, and I was not alone.


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