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I need advice on losing 1 and a half stone

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    OK, so I need advice but I think this will also turn into a rant of self hate lol.
    Basically, last year I lost 1 and a half stone from July 22nd to September 14th by eating shredded wheat for breakfast, another bowl of cereal and some fruit for lunch and then chicken and brown rice for dinner, followed by fruit. I drank about 4.5 litres of water a day and walked about 15 miles a week.

    I managed to get signed by a modelling agency and felt great, but then I had a family problem and started comfort eating (hello boost bars for breakfast and huge bars of dairy milk in the evening!), so i've put all of the weight back on .

    Due to being a completely skint student i've decided that I should give modelling another go (I was dropped by my agency due to weight gain) so I need to lose 1 and a half stone again.

    How can I tone up (and lift!) my bum as its seriously flat?
    How can I do lose weight in the fastest possible time whilst still staying healthy (last time my periods stopped and my hair started to thin)?
    How long should it be before I notice a difference (my current weight is seriously getting me down )?

    Many thanks
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    Eat less, it really is that simple. If you're eating the same amount consistently and maintaining weight then you can get away with cutting portion sizes, if not then you will pretty much need to calorie count.

    As for your bum, you will need to lift weights. Squats and deadlifts will be the main exercises for it but don't neglect the other compounds as you will look overall much better.

    Take a look at the stickies.
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    believe me on this one i can make you loose 1 and a half stone without doing cardio.
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    <3 boost bars

    except, I've basically given up chocolate now so no more of them for me!


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