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    Howdy all,

    Quite a few people kicking about doing computing. So lets have a thread. Who is doing Software Engineering (like myself?) And who is doing Computer Science and all that.

    Any expectations? Anyone with experience already in BU computer courses?
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    I'm doing Computing but I want to be a software engineer when I graduate.
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    im doing forensic computing and security! can't wait..
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    I'm going into my final year of Software Engineering. It's a great course. You all study the same first year, so can change your degree title/pathway in the second year should you choose to.

    Java is the main programming language, so start reading up on that. Enjoy!
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    I'm going in for the computing degree
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    I am hoping to study software engineering. BTW check out the other thread

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    I hoping to do computer science at Birmingham and then go off to be a quant developer, cant wait to start :-)
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    (Original post by gdgd2012)
    Damn dude, your thread is thorough!

    Good to see that bloke who's been studying software engineering give that much detail.

    Unfortunately it sounds like we're in for a busy year!
    Sounds like it's gonna be an awesome year. Can't wait to get started.
    The details he gave were brilliant and if anything, it's made me more confident about what we'll be doing xD
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    (Original post by gdgd2012)
    Yeh I hear that! It sounds top notch.

    Java though - great news. The junior dev jobs upon completion start at 30-40k per annum. Happy days.

    I know it pretty well already having been teaching myself java for the last 6 months. But there are a lot of aspects I don't quite understand. Hopefully it'll give me a good base through which to learn so I don't get left behind.
    A little about the programming unit of this course...

    The first year programming starts with teaching you about variables (int, string, double etc), and then you'll learn about loops (while, for etc) and do some simply tasks like reading in from a file and printing to a file. You'll also touch on graphical user interfaces towards the end of the year. Your first year assignment will be to create a simple calculator that resembles the one included within Windows.

    It's only in the second year that it gets a little trickier, learning about Android development (you'll be creating apps like mastermind, noughts and crosses) as well as connecting and using databases, learning python (how to create a server from python) and other aspects of java in more detail. You'll also be given a weekly task (so no missing labs, or you'll fail).

    I'll let you know about the final year when I start in September.
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    Well I've just finished my Access course where we were learning Visual Basic. With VB I made a calculator resembling the one in Windows :P For our extended project I incorporated Database integration, reading from .txt files and a load of other stuff I was told was Uni level.
    I've started learning Java already as I wanted to do some Minecraft modding. Jumping straight into the Minecraft side of things first wasn't the best idea xD So I've gone back to basics and linking the terms I learned with VB to Java. Seems like I should be able to pick it up quite quickly once I get into it.

    Looking forward to the Android Development as that's something I want to look at as well.
    and the Java grad jobs are awesome. Hoping to land me one of those beastly pay packets haha
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    I'm doing Software Engineering
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    I'm doing Forensic Computing and Security, and hopefully eventually doing an MA in something similar


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