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    So iv decided to make this thread as it would be great to get to know some people before weall start.

    My names Kaylee, im 20 and im starting cccu this september doing animal science with a foundation year! Iv applied for pin hill and my top choice. I swear these lates few weeks will be the slowest weeks of my life before i leave >.<
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    Hi there KayleeDawn,

    My names Steven, Im 23 I will be starting CCCU this september doing computer Fdsc and will be living in Parham student village, I am lucky already got my accomodation offer. I know how you feel, just handed my notice in at my job just can't way for university to start.
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    Heya! I finally got my offer im at pin hill woo! 5 weeks to go. Ahh im handing in my notice today, its going to feel great :P. Where are you from?
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    Southend, what about you? grats on your offer. I handed my job notice in early so I could enjoy some of the summer well ...what is meant to be summer.
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    omg, im from stanford-le-hope and i work in southend! Where did u work? I would have loved to have done that but needed the money, instead i took all my holiday and keep going away for the week :P
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    Hey, Just a small domestic appliance wholeseller ( yes it is as boring as it sounds) just off the grayhound stadium (around the corner from the royal mail building). what about you where you work ?
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    Oh wow that does sound boring , i work at starbucks, the little one in the middle of town but at the moment im in basildon till the olympics are over
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    Aye its not fun lol but its money none the less. Not been to that starbucks in ages, usually use the one by HMV, I feel sorry for them having to ask everyone name all the time. basildon got to be busy. You said you quitting no chance of transferring to the one in canterbury ?
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    Yeah basildon is packed, im working in the other store sunday that gets pack as well, im terrible at asking for names haha. I tried, but never got a reply, iv been in the company 2 years and i fancy a change, apllied at pizza hut in canters, thinking waitressing could be good, tips can be alright. Aee u gonna work or just live as a poor student?
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    Likely will need a job, got some savings but rather not eat them up to fast, then again the life of a poor student does sound fun haha. Fair enough, not worked for any of those kind of companies before, so zero experience with that kind of thing, not to sure what I could do to get a job might work at adenture island or something in the summer for extra dosh. but goodluck with your studies/looking for a job.


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