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DO you ever go for an early hours drive?

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    I love going for an early drive. Like in the early hours of this morning, I left my house at 2am whilst my mum was asleep (she'd go ape if she knew I was out in my car in the early hours) , I had to creep very slowly down the stairs, adrenaline pumping for not knowing if I'd get caught for trying to exit the house and with excitement of nearly being out the front door.

    Anyway as soon as I stepped out of the front door, relief washed over me, the feeling of freedom was immense, I got into my car (which is parked right near my front door) and started the engine, I felt quite worried that my Mum would hear the engine, look out the window and I'd have to go back inside. When I realized nobody had detected me I then drove up the road and into the open roads, by now it was 2 am.

    It felt great having the roads almost to myself apart from the odd 1 or 2 other early birds, I could just cruise along with music playing or just a nice quiet ride with the road all mine.
    I went for a 8 miles drive to Wigan to fill up my tank, (used Wigan instead of local as it was cheaper per litre) and then hit the motorway on the way back at high speeds, then I went for a little drive around Southport , stopping at the McDonalds drive thru near the pier/sea fro a Big Mac. I even got out the car and had a little walk around, it felt awesome, there I was at then about 3:30am early hours, alone walking along the seafront in the fresh air whilst everyone else was asleep. I eventually arrived back home at about 5:30am and went straight to bed, I awoke at 12am and got into my car to go the shop, found the Mcdonalds papers on my seats and remembered my little adventure, then I knew it wasn't just a dream

    I do this from time to time, it feels great, its as if the whole world is your own
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    Sometimes. Not usually during the dead of night as I don't find it that interesting when it's pitch black, but I do like driving as the sun is rising. Go at the right time and go down the right roads and it's so peaceful and pretty.
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    Only when I have to dump a body.
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    My mates and I used to do this on our motorbikes (before I had to give mine up due to injury, and no, not because I fell off it!) but we kept getting stopped or raced by idiots who were high on god knows what drugs (I am serious, it's a big problem in my area) but I've never driven for pleasure at night, though I did once come back from the excel centre and hit the A55 around 1am, to stop myself falling asleep I took the old A5 all the way home. Was fantastic!
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    I don't particularly like driving in rush hour traffic, generally if I have to be at office early on a certain day I drive out as early as I can on condition I'm not dead tired.

    If I'm going for a leisurely day trip somewhere then the default leaving time is always before sunrise.
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    Had to drop a gf off at her house a 2:30am once and she lived a good 30 minute drive from my house and the clear streets dim lights and atmosphere was just amazing!! Been out a few more times late night but never at that time again want to again one day though.
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    Yeah, I love night driving, especially when there is no one else on the roads. I normally find myself driving without any real destination, then I realise I have to turn back because im wasting too much petrol.
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    (Original post by Oxy)
    Yeah, I love night driving, especially when there is no one else on the roads. I normally find myself driving without any real destination, then I realise I have to turn back because im wasting too much petrol.

    This is me exactly
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    (Original post by Oxy)
    Yeah, I love night driving, especially when there is no one else on the roads. I normally find myself driving without any real destination, then I realise I have to turn back because im wasting too much petrol.
    You are not wasting petrol if you are enjoying yourself
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    Aww Op thought that was beautiful
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    I haven't, but do i drive to mcdonalds at around 9-10 in the evening, as it is going dark, and really enjoy a mcflurry. Good way of socializing.
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    I can't drive but I love going for a walk at 3-4am, it's great, I can sing and skip and clear my head, it's brilliant.
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    Yes! I love an early drive on a Sunday morning. I'll get out between 4 and 6am depending on the tine of year, watch the sun rise, watch people waking up and getting on with their lives. But, while it's still quiet, I'll make the most of the quiet rural roads and have some immense fun driving! I don't recommend looking at the fuel gauge at the end though, as a few hours of that sort of driving doesn't leave it looking good!
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    Love it. There's not a great many 'driving roads' round my way but it's so soothing to just drive around when the roads are completely empty, with the only sign of movement being chavs drinking White Lightning, trying not to trip over each other.
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    I've never actually thought of doing this, but it sounds really fun. However, even though I have my own car, I don't think my parents would be too happy at the idea of me driving around in the early hours of the morning.
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    I think if I lived near anything like a beach, or a calm lake then I'd probably drive there early (once I pass) because its rare that you get to enjoy being somewhere peaceful these days!
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    I've just been insured recently and would love to do this, I'm gonna while its still the holidays..

    My plan: drive far to a beach or countryside at 3am then relax there the whole day and come back the next day at a similar early am time to stay in the dazed early morning zone (I would have to tell my parents obvs and pay for petrol but still yeah)
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    At this time of year I like to be leaving the house at about 4am, just as the first glimmer of dawn is showing. Heading off into the Yorkshire Dales, Lake District, Derbyshire Peaks, Yorkshire Moors etc and enjoying the road, the car, the solitude. On a Sunday morning I might not see another car until after 9am once I'm away from Leeds. I don't go on motorways for pleasure, I find driving in a straight line at a constant speed boring. And I don't go to big towns or cities, preferring villages well out of the way, using little tea rooms for refreshments instead of McD et al. I don't do it as much as I used to, but think I should as it is good for my soul to get away from everyone/thing for a few hours doing my thing. Whenever I go to Cornwall (most years) I leave at 2am or so to arrive for breakfast.
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    Not these days...
    When Nicola takes my car out to work I can hear her coming home from about half a mile away and when she's backing the thing onto the drive (clutch only, no throttle) the exhaust is so basey that things resonate inside the house.
    Beyond that, I don't think my neighbours would thank me for firing up a V8 @ 2 am!
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    ^ apparently having some consideration for your neighbours is considered a bad thing on TSR...


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