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Year 10s collecting GCSE results?

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    Hello, everyone.

    I'm a tad confused as to whether or not the current year 10s (ie, the ones who will be in year 11 in September) need to collect any results on the 23rd.

    Would someone mind clearing this up for me?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Well I went to my school last year to collect 5 module results, so I don't see why not
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    Unless something has changed since 2008 then no.
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    I didn't actually get my year 10 results until the first day of year 11 but I guess my school is just weird then.
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    it completely depends on what you personally did it year 10 if you have any results to collect. And then whether you need to go collect them/ you will just get them in september/ they will be posted to you completely depends on your school.

    Basically noone here can tell you. You need to ask one of your friends/someone in your class.
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    If you did any GCSE modules then i'm guessing yes.
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    Yes, I'm not sure if it's different from school to school but we've had year 10's collecting results for as long I've been going to that school.
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    My brother's in year 10 and he's going to get his. I don't know too much about it so i don't know whether you'd be expected to go and get yours too or if it's just at some schools, have you asked your friends/contacted the school to find out?

    (Original post by murpo)
    Unless something has changed since 2008 then no.
    It has, GCSEs have gone all modular now so they're getting the results for certain modules not the whole GCSEs I think (at least that's what my brother said), although that could just be at my brother's school, not sure if OP has just taken some GCSEs early?
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    I'm collecting mine on the 23rd aswell.
    Not looking forward to them..
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    Some schools don't let you. Our school is only letting us this year because of PE results, which has never been taken in year 10 before, otherwise we would just get the science results in September.
    It'll be the first time that I'll be in school on my birthday ever :/
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    Depends on the school but the fact the school has made no mention of what to do I'd just wait 'til you start yr 11. Either way, you'll end up with your results. Don't worry too much about it xD
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    I got mine in year ten throught the post a few days after results day. I got a letter a month before-hand saying that I would be recieving them through the post.

    Your best bet is to ring your school up and ask them if you're expected to go in on results day or not.
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    i am and i did last year but it depends on the school and the exams you took
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    In year 10 if you did, some can be accessed online like Edexcel, others you normally go in to get, not many schools bother to send year10 results because you'll be back at school in a few weeks and unlike year 11 it won't you don't 'need ' it immediately if you know what I mean eg to confirm college/vi form place

    Otherwise just go the only thing I'd say is that it's mainly a yr 11 thing - don't get in the way cos I know lots of year11s that would get moody on an emotional day where a lot of people are getting module results ad not the whole GCSE....

    It's up to you but you worked for it you have a right to know the result I suppose..

    This was posted from TheLightbulbKid - voicing an opinion and attempting to give advice


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