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Mo Farah

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    Is it just me that struggles to warm to his personality? Whenever I see him on TV being interviewed he always seems really distant somehow. Like he is only concerned about himself. There's something missing in his personality ... I find myself disliking him even though he's not nasty or seemingly arrogant. Has anyone else found similar? I'm curious.
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    If he's just ran 10,000 metres you could give the guy a break.
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    (Original post by g_star_raw_1989)
    If he's just ran 10,000 metres you could give the guy a break.
    +1 total respect for the guy. Also those brownlee brothers
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    Mo farah is a legend!!
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    Nope never seen it myself.
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    Oh great you are judging someone's character on a 5 minute interview with the press as the guy above said how about giving him a break it's not exactly a team event he takes part in is it who else should he be concerned with?
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    Couldn't disagree more.

    He seems like a really nice relaxed guy, after seeing him on a few programmes (epically a leauge of their own and the cube) I really think he just is a nice guy

    I mean I couldn't believe when I saw him doing the celebration!
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    I've only ever seen a couple of interviews with the guy but from what I have seen, he seems like a really nice and genuine type of person. Watching him with his daughter and wife after he won on saturday was so cute!
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    Christ there are some stupid people on here. Did I say in my post I was basing my opinion on the immediate interview after his race? NO! This is a student forum .. worrying.
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    Disagree. I think he seems great!!

    This was posted from The Student Room's Android App on my GT-I9300
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    He did win 250k for charity

    Although that could be interpreted as risking 100k of a charities money to conquer the cube.
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    Show some respect; the mans a legend.
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    He's an amazing athlete, that's all
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    Your a really bad judge of someones character, the guy's a legend.
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    Dude is a legend man
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    He's an inspiration.
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    Mohammed Farah is a legend
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    Little Mo is awesome! The way he destroyed the 10km run was just :eek:
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    (Original post by Fusion)
    He did win 250k for charity

    Although that could be interpreted as risking 100k of a charities money to conquer the cube.
    Definitely not. For us the public, just mere mortals, no one would ever take that risk but it's because we simply don't have his tremendous competitor's instinct. He had seven lives left and KNEW he could do it. And most regular people could probably have done it too if it wasn't for them starting to doubt themselves and panicking. He knew he'd succeed and that's what makes him great. Bear in mind he was raising money for his own foundation so he would desperately wanted to win it for that reason alone, more so than to simply have beaten the cube.
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    All posters disagree with you lol.


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Updated: August 8, 2012
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