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Anyone going to University of the West of Scotland in Ayr and staying in Halls???

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    I'm going on the first cause its the day we start paying for it and gonna make the most of it cause need to find a job and that so ill have plenty of time to settle in
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    Hello everyone,

    Just found this post the other and thought I'd make an account. I'm coming to UWS in Ayr too, doing the Primary Ed course and am staying in halls, not sure what block but I think its 3 Also, I think we should make a fb group cause then more people are likely to find it and talk!
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    yeah thats a good idea actually! if someone makes the page can they put the link on here. i agree more people will find it on Facebook
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    Hello all,

    I've made a fb page for everyone on here cause I thought it might be easier to talk this way however, I can't post the link on this page cause TRS will decline in, however if you just search for UWS Ayr New Students 2012 then you can go and like it

    Hope this helps, otherwise I'll just delete the page
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    Hey guys!

    I only got the notification that you guys had all been talking last night at some insane hour!

    So hey heather! What flat are you in? Cause I'm in Block 3 too

    Moving half of my stuff in on the 8th to get a bit set up before I completely move in and get hopelessly lost and jobless :P
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    I'm moving on the first so I'll be a loner for a while so I'll try find my way about if anyone needs help when they get there
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    Hey Kimberly, I'm in flat D of that block but no doubt we'll run into each other live how everyone is trying to work out who's who already :P
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    I've not figured out whos even near me in halls. I'm in flat N
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    Just found out I'm moving in on 10th.
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    Ten days after me haha!
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    If it had been practical, I'd have been moving in on the 1st too haha
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    Hopefully try get a job in that time
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    I'm going to Ayr campus will be studying MH nursing whilst I'm there. Actually can't wait to get started and freshers week should b good as Ayr is good for a night out as well. I won't be staying in halls though as I stay close enough to travel.
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    Hey Im going to the Ayr Campus too, studying 3rd year Digital Arts, staying it halls, quite excited! All though I havent seen any news or that about Ayr Freshers:/ does anybody know what events are going on?
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    What flat you in?
    Ayr halls of residence fb gruoup have a list of the three weeks of events
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    (Original post by Pseudojake)
    I'm start next month! Studying commercial music. From the top of my head my room is in flat G.

    I'm not staying in halls but I'm studying commercial music too !


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Updated: September 3, 2012
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