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Who's going to impress this season?

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    Who do you think will be the team / players to keep an eye on this year??

    I think City will win the league again (or be 2nd) and maybe push in the Champions League.

    I don't know where any surprise package is coming from :/
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    Players: Kagawa, Cazorla, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Hazard, Mata, Silva.
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    One or two Arsenal and United players will be pushed down our throats like they were last season. (RVP, Chamberlain, Rooney, Young).
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    I think arsenal will suprise everyone this year haha I hope so anyway :/

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    I'll be keeping my eye out for Oscar and Kagawa. They look amazing personally.
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    Oxlade-Chamberlain, Olivier Giroud, Lukas Podolski, Per Mertersacker, Laurent Koscielny, Woijcekh Szeszsny, Santi Cazorla, Benik Afobe, Ryo Miyaichi, Jack Jebb, Chuba Akpom, Kristopher Ollsson, Serge Gnabry, Jack Wilshere, Steve Bould, Boro Primorac,
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    Interested to see how Cisse goes in his second season at Newcastle. Gylfi Sigurdsson is another to watch at Spurs.
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    Michu for Swansea.
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    Reckon Spurs could do well. Young, capable manager with a lot to prove after prior setbacks, fairly solid first team. Newcastle will either build on last season's good work or implode.

    Players-wise Aguero, Welbeck (if Arsenal don't sell RVP to United), Bale. Tim Krul is a top young keeper and I fully expect him to get better. Silva and Nasri will at times be in scintillating form and at times disappear entirely for long stretches (hopefully at different stages of the season). Darren Bent will get back to scoring a baffling number of goals for a man fundamentally not very good at football.
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    Already scored a belter, Rodgers seems to believe in him and he can't do any worse!
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    Spurs under AVB will be very interesting. Looking forward to seeing how Villa do this season as well under Lambert, not really made that much of a dent in the transfer market. Would be amazing if Southampton do a Norwich and stay up after back to back promotions, no small feat at all that.

    From a selfish point of view I'm buzzing to see how Liverpool do under BR and how we play. Particularly looking forward to seeing how Borini settles in.

    From a wider perspective: Wlshere's return, Cisse's second season and Chelsea's new signings.
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    Aguero will build on his great season and set the league on fire I feel.
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    I think that Dean Whitehead is going to take the Premier League by storm next season.
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    Just watch Shinji Kagawa.

    Best player last season in the Bundesliga.
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    Kagawa and Hernandez will impress A summer rest woul have done the mexican good. Has looked out of sync in pre season tho.
    Will keep my eye on Hazard and Oscar as well.

    Newcastle will be interesting to watch if they can build on last season. Personally don't see them doing as well as they did.
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    On a smaller scale, Jonny Howson will prove that he is one of the better young midfielders in the division.

    Thanks for letting him **** off for £500k again Bates, bellend.
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    Chamberlain. He should deffo get more mins than last season hopefully wenger plays him more & puts Ramsey on loan.

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    (Original post by JK10)
    Chamberlain. He should deffo get more mins than last season hopefully wenger plays him more & puts Ramsey on loan.

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    He's doing that?!

    'kin idiocy.
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    (Original post by Schmucks)
    He's doing that?!

    'kin idiocy.
    I said hopefully.

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