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What to use to put up pictures/posters/etc that won't damage walls?

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    So when at uni I'll be wanting to decorate the walls with some pictures or posters and whatnot, but of course in halls you aren't allowed to use anything that'll damage the walls... Is there anything you can use that won't cause any damage?
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    (Original post by tonberry)
    I use that at home though and it pulls off the paint
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    What about blue tack?
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    (Original post by tammie123)
    What about blue tack?
    See above post
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    (Original post by Pen Island)
    See above post
    But I don't see how blue tack would remove your paint. I use it home, and it doesn't damage the walls at all.
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    (Original post by tammie123)
    But I don't see how blue tack would remove your paint. I use it home, and it doesn't damage the walls at all.
    Hm :/ Maybe I have **** paint or something
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    Blu-tack usually leaves a greasy mark where it was anyway, even if it doesn't pull off the paint.

    Gripping Stuff is really good...
    You can cut it to the size you want and you only need a little bit in each corner still. It doesn't leave any marks and only took off two tiny spots of paint where I had stuck things pretty much all over the wall.
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    The Uni I'm going to provides us with a notice board kind of thing in our room to pin posters, photos etc on. They don't let you use blue-tac to stick things on walls which seems a bit harsh to me but oh well
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    My uni said no blue tac in halls but it wasn't enforced. Everyone had posters up.
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    You can get hooks that stick to the wall and come off without removing any finish for paintings and pin boards

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    Every uni pretty much says no blue tack, but the room is not brand new 95% of the time. There will be greasy marks on the walls and bits of paint missing from where previous occupants have stuck their posters. How are they supposed to know who's marks are who's?
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    White-tac always works well for me, just don't use a gigantic amount and it shouldn't take paint off.
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    Most student accommodation will have a notice board where you can pin posters.

    Other than that, white-tack is probably the best way to do it.
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    Masking tape

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    not always true - I used them and had to pay a lot for replastering afterwards


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Updated: September 2, 2014
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