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Why don't many people go blackberry picking?

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    Every summer I collect bowl full of blackberries. It's a hobby of mine since I like taking long walks in the woods and just observing the wildlife, whats growing each season.

    I pick blackberries because it's fun, it's free and they are so expensive(most berries are) in shops compared to other fruit and it makes me feel great that im consuming this juicy super fruit which lots of antioxidants and that it just growing out there ready to pick. I also find that wild blackberries have a stronger, more natural flavour. I try to pick mine in the middle of the woods or where there is less pollution.

    So far ive drank homemade blackberry juice and removed the seeds. Ive drank blackberry smoothie. And last year I made blackberry jam which I plan to do next! Also the colour isa beautiful purple when you actually begin to juice that it looks nice anyway.

    It makes me smile when I see people foraging with their kids for blackberries since I always feel like im the only one doing it and people stare as I pick them. It would be nice to see people picking more of these berries. Im just wondering why people don't pick them?
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    I used to go bilberry picking with my grandparents when I was a kid. I used to really enjoy it, I don't know why I don't do it any more to be honest.
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    I used to go blackberry picking in a copse near my house, but a few years ago all the trees were cut down when the land they were on was bought by a developer. I think people don't know where to go to find them, and if they do and it's anywhere near a road, they are worried about pollution. I wish I knew of another nice spot to go foraging!
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    because i bit into a blackberry i picked once and there was a maggot :eek:

    also, the blackberry bushes we used to pick from got bulldozed so a couple of houses could be built.
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    I used to go blackberry picking every summer as a child.We lived near some waste ground that came alive with blackberry bushes in the summer.Up until a few months ago we had some brambles in our back garden that would have given blackberries had I not dug them up.
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    I still do this with my Grandad once a year - have done since I was 4/5. We always make a blackberry crumble together.
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    In my garden there were loads growing so every summer we'd go pick them and end up het bowels of them.
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    I used to do this but again the lane that had them was developed on and a posh school built on it and they tore down all stuff like that.
    Wouldn't know where to find them now.
    I love going strawberry picking though, still do that
    My best memory is sat in this strawberry field stuffinf my face with them until my mum caught me and I had strawberry juice all around my face, she told me the man would weigh me and charge me for all the strawberries I'd eaten. I was so scared lol .... and very sick later on haha
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    I go blackberry picking with my brother and sister every September
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    I enjoy it, it's great you can just stop for a free snack whilst you're out walking Also got some cherry and plum trees which are growing wild nearby as well. We used to have thornless blackberry bushes growing in our garden but the chickens not content with just eating the berries pulled all the leaves off and dug up the roots as well :cute:
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    So I'm the only one who went bilberry (whimberry/winberry) picking?
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    When is the best time to do it?
    I might go out and pick some! Why not? Healthy tasty free snack and a good chance to get outside.

    I used to go with my mum, but I guess I just grew up and wanted to play football with friends instead
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    I'm always concerned about the cats that may have peed on them. Even if I wash them if I pick them myself I still think of it
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    I used to have a blackberry bush in my garden, but I didn't much like them as a kid, so I guess I reckon I won't much like them now? Also I have no idea where to get them. The nearest bushes to where I live are by the hospital, and they're right by a road and I've noticed they all ripen at different times, so you'd have to go back every day for practically a month to get them all. I think I went strawberry picking when I was younger, too, and that was fun. I've always liked strawberries, though.
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    I think we have too much of a cotton-wool culture in the UK. People don't go picking blackberries because we've all been told if we eat wild berries we'll die of some horrific disease.

    I personally think wild blackberries are delicious, they're great in an apple crumble :coma:. The only reason I don't go blackberry picking any more is because they built a housing estate where they used to grow
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    brb getting food poisoned
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    I do, free food, delicious free food.
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    Because I moved house and left all my lovely blackberry bushes behind! :cry2:

    <3 x
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    (Original post by LETSJaM)
    Because I moved house and left all my lovely blackberry bushes behind! :cry2:

    <3 x
    My exact situation.
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    I live inner city and would have to travel a long way to see a blackberry... Otherwise I would.


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