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NHS Student Bursary- Childcare Allowance

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    I am starting Children's Nursing in September and have applied for the NHS Bursary including Childcare allowance. I had previously been aware that the NHS will only pay 85% of the cost up to £187 for 2 dependent children. My actual childcare cost for term time (my son is over 3 so gets early years funding, in hols I will pay more) is around £250/wk for 2 children. I have researched this morning and have found a lot of students do not qualify for childcare allowance if their partner or their household income is over 15k. I phoned NHS bursaries to see if this was correct and she could not give me a definite answer other than it is based on individual circumstance?!?

    Could anyone who has applied and had their award notice back or previous students shed any light on this? If there is a cut off I think I may struggle to come up with 1000 a month from my own pocket!

    Thanks in advance
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    Any1 pls help answer the question

    Thank you


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Updated: August 21, 2012
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