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Huge Spider Found in Manchester.

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    The regional newspaper in manchester is the manchester evening news. It's website is http://menmedia.co.uk
    it'd actually be easy to confirm whether or not there was a recent giant spider story.

    Just saying.
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    is it me or does that just look like a camera in the corner with felt material legs....................
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    (Original post by Martyn*)

    Apparently it was in the Manchester papers today. Can't verify the size though. Looks big.


    Oh, apparently, they called out the firemen and they wouldn't go near it.
    Also read the site rather than just looking at pictures.

    "The spider is probably real although it is quite unlikely that the photograph was taken in Manchester. The spider appears to be a variety of huntsman, possibly a Giant Huntsman Spider found in Laos. The Giant Huntsman Spider is considered to be the world's largest spider by leg span and can reach over 30 centimeters across. The angle from which the shot was taken may also make the spider look larger than it really is."
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    Why did I click on that right before going to bed? Why, why, why?

    Whether real or not, in Manchester or not, that was not a comforting sight .
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    It looks like it's sitting there with its legs wide open trying to be sexy haha.

    Eurgh, that makes it even more repulsive.
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    (Original post by badcheesecrispy)
    iv seen that picture before, its not from this country

    that is a hoax
    I've seen that picture before too.
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    ****, ****, ****.

    i've only been able to rationalize my fear of spiders because i thought there weren't any big ones in england. OH MY GOD.

    i feel like i'm 5 again, full terror coming back.
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    Looks like a very rare species, perhaps 'Hobbycraft-ius Pipecleaner-us'?
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    Possibly real, very much doubt its in Manc

    This was posted from The Student Room's Android App on my GT-I9100
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    I have quite extreme arachnaphobia but I kinda feel sorry for em. Its not their fault theyre freakishly ugly hell spawn :jumphug:

    This was posted from The Student Room's Android App on my GT-I9100
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    Saw that picture a few days ago.

    Never legit.
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    If it was real and I saw that, I'd get my sledge hammer out.
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    I don't get the hype.
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    Omg, I have shivers down my spine!
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    It don't think it looks real...
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    I'd poo my pants.

    I wouldn't even try and kill it, imagine you tried to hit it with a rolled up paper and you missed and it jumped on you. :lolwut:
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    a foreign spider that got here somehow...

    If I saw that in my room, I'd:
    1) **** myself
    2) keep looking at it while I google crap for a way to get rid of it
    3) hope thspinal organisation called spider busters exists near me
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    I live in manchester.
    I'm also locking all the doors and windows, I don't care if I bake on this stupidly warm night, ITS GONA GET ME :shock:
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    (Original post by Martyn*)

    Apparently it was in the Manchester papers today. Can't verify the size though. Looks big.


    Oh, apparently, they called out the firemen and they wouldn't go near it.
    Its fake, why would they call the fire bridge and why would the fire brigade respond to such a call?

    (Original post by prog2djent)
    Hopefully its slow and stupid, if it moved around like a normal spider I would just lose my s**t
    If it is real, which I doubt it is (the manchester story I mean) it is likely a huntsman or of some close relation. These spiders are known for their speed and hunting style, so it is actually not only one of the smartest spiders around but also one of the fastest. In fact they are known to jump while running. It also wraps its legs around your arm sometimes if you pick it up so you can't shake it off as it bites you lol

    (Original post by onda)
    Holy ****! How did it get in the house?
    If it is real and actually in Manchester it most likely was a former pet that escaped. A friend of mine had a huntsman spider as a pet, left the lid of its glass cage off once, came back and the spider was gone...couldn't find it anywhere and never did. Anyway, huntsmen are know to enter human homes when it is about to rain to seek shelter, so if it was anywhere in the UK, you can bet it will be inside a house 24/7.

    If it wasn't a former pet then it clearly go off a ship during a heat wave, fooling the spider into thinking that GB was a prefect place to live, he was in for a nasty surprise a week later when the temp. dropped 10C and the grey clouds and rain came, forcing the spider to find comfort in a family home in manchester. Depression soon set in after spending long enough eating only tiny spiders and not being able to travel outside due to the rain. Things soon got worse when he was out looking for food one day, just minding his own business when he heard a loud scream and a frantic panic of 4 humans that followed. At first he could not understand what caused these humans such distress as he scanned the room looking for the cause. "What can it be causing all this fear? I must find it an kill it, these people have been so nice to me all this time allowing me to stay here for free" He finally hit rock bottom when the fire brigade where called, the object causing the stress was in fact, Mr.Spider. He was rejected by his adopted family, the fire brigade and he just missed his family and friends back in Australia, he began wishing he never got on that boat. His mother warned him of places like the UK, "but how was I too know? It seemed so nice and sunny here when I got off, even the my pal Brown Back got off here, wonder what happened to him, hopefully he is doing better off that I am". On his was to Manchester Zoo's arachnid house Mr.Spider was listening to the Rolling Stones' 'Slave' and the song alone made him feel much better and less anxious about fitting in and making friends at the arachnid house, "maybe Brown Back is at the house as well, here hoping" Mr.Spider thought to himself. You can understand his anger when the driver switched on BBC news at 6, sadly his anger quickly turned back to depression as the new reader reported today's headlines "A brown back spider has today been killed after a fierce battle with 3 firemen and a police officer, 2 firemen and an innocent civilian have been hospitalized but are currently stable after receiving anti-venom".

    Mr. Spider was announced dead on arrival at the arachnid house, cause of death was severe depression and a broken heart.


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