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The Ultimate "I passed my driving test!" Thread

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    Welcome to the Ultimate "I passed my driving test" Thread.

    A friendly place for you toe share the great news of you finally passing your test and gaining your freedom!
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    Hi everyone I just passed my driving test with 3 minors!!!!

    One was for too much observation on reverse left and other 2 were for not checking blind spot again before moving off.

    I am immensely happy, just thought I would share this joy with TSR!
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    there are too many threads like this. someone should just make ONE thread for all driving test passes
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    Lets make it this one
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    Congratulations jr2007! :gthumb: I remember when I passed my test.. boy, it was surreal.
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    Post here if you passed your driving test, so we can all gather round to congratulate you! :gthumb:

    Besides, it saves clutter on the boards. :p:
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    I created one at Feel free to use it.
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    nice 1
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    I passed today!!! 3 minors
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    I think you should request for the thread to be stickered well done
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    (Original post by dimexi)
    I think you should request for the thread to be stickered well done
    Good idea. :gthumb:
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    Nice one pal, I passed a week ago today, still can't believe it now

    EDIT - Passed it first time with less than 10 weeks driving practice the theory test IMO was the hardest part of learning to drive.
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    I was going to make it sticky as soon as I saw the title, hopefully it will stop the clutter.
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    Someone should make The Ultimate "I FAILED MY DRIVING TEST!" Thread. I'm sure that'd get more post counts! :p:
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    with three minors
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    Congrats. Check out the Motoring forum - there's a stickied thread just for you. :p:
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    Wooooooooooot!!!!!!!!!!! Weyyy!
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    well done!
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    I got 7 minors I think. Was it your first attempt?


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