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The Ultimate "I passed my driving test!" Thread

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    (Original post by quadruple_twist)
    Probably a stupid question but what blind spot is there other than the "look over your right shoulder" one?
    You might not see a bike or pedesrian coming. They maynot be in the view of your left mirror. I think thats why u have to check both ways. I just do it.
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    (Original post by quadruple_twist)
    Probably a stupid question but what blind spot is there other than the "look over your right shoulder" one?
    Your left shoulder. People failed for only looking over one of their shoulders; I'm pretty sure they were p*ssed when they found out.
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    You can get an ES, but as has been said, they aren't carried out in every test. You're examiner will give you the spiel at the beginnning about having to do 2 maneovres and maybe an ES. I had 6 tests and had to do an ES in 3 out of 6.

    It isn't really that hard, but ideally you do want to have a practice before your test so you know what to expect and don't just jump on the brake! (Need to do clutch and brake.) Also, remember to look before moving off though, as Dimez said. Loads of people stop and in their hurry to move off again don't look. You should do left blindspot, left mirror, internal mirror, right mirror, right blindspot!
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    I got a minor for my emergency stop, but really you just need to run through it in the lesson before your test. An actual emergency stop (when you need to stop) should be pretty instinctive, but just ask your instructor to let you do it a couple of times because you have to get the brakes to kick in in a certain way. My mate failed for doing an emergency rev though, so be careful!
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    Should you check both blinspots before moving off at any time?
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    You are probably best checking that with your instructor. I had 2 instructors, the first only ever taught me to check right blind spot. (I got a minor on a test for that.) My second instructor taught both. I think you should really check both. Left can be for cyclists etc, and right for other vehicles. Get your insrtuctor to explain it to you though!
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    (Original post by leona)
    Should you check both blinspots before moving off at any time?
    Yeah I got 2 minors for not doing that...
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    I got a minor for not checking the left blindspot whilst moving off in my test too
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    (Original post by smessy)
    Just Passed my test!! am sososososososos happy you would not believe!! 3rd time, 7 minors!
    well done to everyone else!

    Congratulations Sophie! Now you can drive me around and drop our friends home, it'll give me a rest anyway, haha!!
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    I passed first time today! 6 minors!!! what a relief
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    i passed today, first time, 4 minors. im still finiding it hard to believe.
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    i passed last july, first time with 8 minors after 2 months of lessons tho IMO one should have been a major but i'm not complaining!
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    Ooo yes! Me passed this morning first time!
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    well done how many minors?
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    7. is that ok? or its that quite high?
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    i passed today. 8 minors. yeah!!!!!!!!!
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    lol well i got 11
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    Near the end of mine, I was wondering why the examiner hadn't marked his sheet - maybe I'd unknowingly done a major - so I didn't think to indicate to go back in the test centre until just before I actually turned, getting my only minor, grr!
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    well done. I didn't see my examiner mark things either but i got 3 minors
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    well mine was writing the whole time, it made me think i had failed!


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