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Best universities for Badminton

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    Hi everyone,

    I am a keen badminton player and represent my county to senior level. I've been looking at the BUCS leagues to get an idea as to which universities are better than others at the sport, but I'm keen to get an idea as to which universities offer top level coaching at affordable prices and whether any offer some form of scholarship type scheme to provide me with discounted training etc.

    I know one player from my county has been offered the chance to train 3 times a week on court and 3 times a week doing core and stability training for free! So if there were other institutions offering training like this then that would be great!

    Obviously Badminton isn't the soul choice as to where I go to uni, a lot will depend on the courses, locations and entry grades, but if anyone has any information they could share with me about their uni or other uni's then that would be great.

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    It looks like you've been doing some really good research already, so because I don't know much about badminton at uni, all I have to add is that it's very common for nearby universities to have reciprocal agreements that allow students to join each other's societies.

    So, if (for instance) UWE had a very good badminton soc with coaching, you could go to Bristol Uni but still take advantage of all that UWE's badminton soc has to offer, or vice versa. The only downside to that is that you can only play in BUCS leagues for you own university, so you wouldn't be able to compete for UWE at BUCS if you were studying at Bristol.

    The Uni of London also normally has sports societies at collegiate level (UCL, KCL, LSE, QMUL etc.) but then an intercollegiate sports soc which takes the best players from the collegiate level sports socs (I don't know if this is the case for badminton though - you'd have to investigate).
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    Was browsing, saw this and thought of you - apparently Manchester has a High Performance Centre for badminton on-site, run by Badminton England http://www.sport.manchester.ac.uk/partnerships
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    The best universities I've played against are Leeds Met, Manchester, Loughborough, Bath and Nottingham. All have great coaching systems, club nights specifically for team members and are all highly ranked in the BUCS league. However for Leeds Met and Loughborough the chances of getting into their 1st team are nearly impossible as they consist of entirely international standard players.
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    Thanks for this guys, if anyone has any more input on this then that would be great

    (Original post by the golden god)
    The best universities I've played against are Leeds Met, Manchester, Loughborough, Bath and Nottingham.
    Who do you/ did you play for?
    All the Uni's you've mentioned I have heard about being good for badminton. I'm quite keen on Birmingham, but I don't know whether their coaching is as good as some!
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    Anyone else got any information on the best uni's for Badminton?
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    (Original post by Sprocket25)
    Anyone else got any information on the best uni's for Badminton?
    My old schoolfriend is training for Olympics 2016 and she studies at Manchester. She studies English, but chose Manchester because of its Badminton facilities. Her coach suggested the university.
    That's all I know


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