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Natwest Student account overdraft limit

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    I'm going into my second year of uni and it says on Natwest website that you can extend the overdraft to £1,250 in your second year. However, I'm in quite a difficult situation at the moment. I've had to change my circumstances as I now live with my mum and student finance is based on her income. I would still get the same amount as I did in my first year (when I lived with my dad).. However, I applied to student finance in june and everything was confirmed by july.. I have a letter stating how much I'd get (which was the same amount as last year) but then they sent out a new confirmation which didn't have a grant (less money) on 20th August!! I start uni next week and need to pay my rent when my student finance comes it, the new amount won't cover it. it changed because my mums needs to send in evidence of her income.. We're trying to do this asap but she doesn't have her previous tax year evidence and so we have to phone up HM revenue and customs for them to send her out a copy of it to send it to student finance. I doubt all this will be sorted in time to pay my rent.

    Because of this I think it would be a safe option to extend my overdraft further but it would have to be extended to £1750 or maybe £2000.. just so i can pay my rent. I will get the extra student finance but I'm so worried it won't come on time.

    I just want to know how flexible Natwest are with overdraft limits for students? If i explained this to them and showed them evidence e.g. my student finance letter and my rent payment letter.. would they be able to give me a higher overdraft limit?

    Any personal experience of Natwest doing this for you? I'm really worried about this now. any help or advice would be great, thank you
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    Best bet would be to arrange a meeting/consultation with a representative at Natwest, any responses on here are more likely to be guesstimates.

    Failing that, you may need to come to an agreement with your landlord/halls/other housemates :/

    Natwest have an annoying tendency to only extend your overdraft after a bit of a grilling from a member of staff in a side room. You can try to extend your overdraft even further, but I doubt that the staff have the authority to do that.

    It sounds as though this is a situation that will resolve itself fairly rapidly once your mum sends her income evidence in.

    In the meantime, find a job. If you really don't have enough money to pay the rent and no way of getting the money (sod eating, a job with a weekly wage will pay for that) then you'll need to talk to halls / your landlord and try to come to an arrangement.

    Why not get a credit card?

    They base it on how you've used your account.
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Updated: September 2, 2012
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