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Am I the only person that can't stand the Big Bang Theory?

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    Just about everyone I know seems to be ranting about it. Barely a day goes by without someone telling me how much they love it, how "it totally gets my nerdy sense of humour!" or "it's a show for smart people like me yay!"

    From what I've seen the show mainly laughs at nerds/nerd culture, rather than with them. It constantly implies that Leonard/Howard/that guy at the comic book shop are utterly miserable and pathetic because they like comics or whatever, and makes Sheldon seem borderline autistic. I haven't once seen an instance in which the audience are invited to laugh with one of the main cast about something considered nerdy or geeky; the joke seems to be that someone is pathetic enough to know/make a joke about that in the first place.

    Not to mention all of the science mentioned is incredibly basic. The writers seem to think that namedropping Richard Feynman and string theory makes the programme "high-brow". The Sheldon gags are particularly hideous; how many times has 'socially awkward genius' been done before? The acting is wooden, the screenplay is crass and not nearly as clever as it thinks, and if I had any interest in comics/computer programming/other things taken the piss out of, I'd probably be offended by it.

    Does anyone else agree?
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    No, creationists aren't keen either.
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    What I think is that you need to calm down son.

    It is clearly made for a mainstream audience, it's on E4. And secondly, it's part of the fanbase that make all the claims about it, not the show. You don't like the program, fair enough, but it seems like at least half your problems are with the audience of the thing, rather than the actual program.
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    (Original post by Lansaaaa)
    Does anyone else agree?
    I'm sure some people will agree with you. But I'm geeky enough to get most of the jokes and I find it funny and not at all offensive. :dontknow:
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    you've got to agree though the theme tune is pretty awesome
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    I like it better than half the crappy comedies on E4. I cringe at 2 Broke Girls.
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    Sheldon is borderline autistic, and what's the problem with that?
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    I watched all 5 seasons within the space of a week a couple months ago and loved it. However, watching it again on E4 I'm still finding it enjoyable but I just don't find myself laughing out loud as I did when I first watched it. The more I watch, the more the characters begin to annoy me. I still think it's a good show but at the moment, until new episodes air, the character of 'Sheldon' is the only thing keeping me watching re-runs; without him in the show altogether, I would probably stop watching it which isn't a good thing about a sitcom.
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    (Original post by ilickbatteries)
    No, creationists aren't keen either.
    Brilliant lol; TBBT is a great show, and I think you have missed the point it is just meant to be light hearted fun. I'm completely nerdy and don't see anything wrong with the humour on the show.
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    It's alright. The first time round I watched the episodes I found them quite funny, but when I watch them again I don't enjoy the episodes as much, as opposed to programmes like Friends which I can watch over and over again and still find them funny.
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    No, I can't stand the 'omg am sooo nerdy cuz a like big bang init' type of fans it has. It's occasionally funny, but it isn't particularly celebrating intelligence/knowledge in my opinion, only ridiculing it and making me hate how the majority of human beings feel it is funny/lame to be clever.

    I also find myself identifying more with Sheldon and the like, rather than the 'normal' ones like Penny, so many of the jokes fail to amuse me.
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    it never makes me laugh but I'll watch it if nothing else is on, it's 'easy' to watch - it doesn't challenge you and that's all I want sometimes.

    It isn't as clever as it thinks it is though, some of the jokes are cringeworthy and Sheldon is obviously autistic but nobody has ever mentioned it in the show. The canned laughter every 2 seconds doesn't help either but there are worse things on TV I guess.

    A lot of people that think that they're 'nerdy' (because they get all the sci-fi/science/geeky references) love it though and I detest those people, which may cloud my judgement of the show slightly.
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    (Original post by alex_hk90)
    I'm sure some people will agree with you. But I'm geeky enough to get most of the jokes and I find it funny and not at all offensive. :dontknow:
    Everyone gets the jokes mate, it isn't the most sophisticated of humour.
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    It's an acquired taste. I find Sheldon funny about half of the time.
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    I don't like it much either, the characters are very annoying!

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    (Original post by Dorito)
    Everyone gets the jokes mate, it isn't the most sophisticated of humour.
    I meant the geeky references rather than the 'jokes' per se. Yes it's not sophisticated (I don't think it's meant to be), but not everyone cares enough about science/computers/sci-fi/etc. to get a lot of the references.
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    The show is obviously made for the general populace so the jokes are going to be easy enough for the majority of people to understand. It's not a science show, it's a sitcom.
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    Yes you are my friend.

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    I got annoyed by people constantly referring to it and talking about it, but I actually watched an episode the other day and quite enjoyed it. Far better shows about but it's really not that bad..!
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    Its light humour......


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