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Anyone else got caught speeding?

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    (Original post by ROG.)
    We all demonstrated that we can keep to limits when doing training and tests so why does it seem that after passing it becomes the norm for many?
    I have to look at the speedo constantly if I want to maintain a steady low speed, which isn't a very safe way of driving.

    You may say it's a sign of an incompetent driver not knowing how fast you're going without looking down at the dashboard, but my car is so quiet and rides so smooth at low speeds it's a job to tell whether I'm doing 25 or 45.

    For keeping up your concentration levels, you're far better off driving to the conditions and what you can see than you are stressing to maintain a set speed on a given road.

    (Original post by meloncoly)
    Then I guess the question "why do we speed up when we know the speed limit?" could be better answered by yourself.
    I did it in a 7.5 tonne lorry (above the limits for that but not above general posted limits) to try and make time as well as impress the boss ..... yup ... soon learnt that did not work :rolleyes:

    What I cannot get my head around is why anyone would choose to go over the posted limit knowing that these days there are more opportunities for them to be caught and in most cases all that will be saved is a few seconds or minutes if a really long journey
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    Got offered the speed awareness course, think i'll take that option!

    I got caught about 3 months ago (51 in a 40) and after ringing up to see if they had a photo of me driving (I share the car with my husband) they said it was definitely me driving. I never replied to the letters after that. They appear to have forgotten about it because I havent heard anything back after the initial letter and a reminder.

    (Original post by ROG.)

    Excuse me ... I am aged 54 and been driving over 35 years

    I got the full 12 points amased in the 80s for speeding over the 7.5 lorry speed limit so I've been there and got the Tshirt BUT I did them all deliberately and never complained

    After that I made the choice NOT to speed and have not done so since then

    I dont mean going over the limit by 2 or 3 mph and putting it right within 2/3 seconds - I mean speeding

    We all demonstrated that we can keep to limits when doing training and tests so why does it seem that after passing it becomes the norm for many?
    a 54 year old on TSR? Pretty old student eh?

    (Original post by naman)
    a 54 year old on TSR? Pretty old student eh?
    Students can be any age...


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Updated: September 23, 2012
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