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Teh Super Awesome Juicy CURRENT YEAR 11 (2012-2013) THREAD; MARK II

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    Welcome to the land of :woo: :awesome: and :colone: MK II, more commonly known as the SUPER JUICY AWESOME Current Year 11 Thread (2012/2013).
    Now as top poster (and king ) *cough* I welcome you all!
    If there are any stalkers or lurkers out there, then sign up and join in the conversations and discussions!


    :party:CURRENT YEAR 11 THREAD:party:

    No Lifers MK I

    Username - Posts
    shadab786ahmed a.k.a L'Evil Fish - 2224
    MangoFreak - 1210
    Foreverstrong_97 - 1055
    Dinrah04 - 747
    Little Tail Chaser - 497
    Kittaaaaaay - 486
    Aurorae - 481
    Techno836 - 464
    TheMancunian - 423
    Dalek1099 - 345
    SarcasticComplex - 297

    10,000th Post Victors

    Year 10 Thread: shadab786ahmed
    Year 11 MK I: Dinrah04

    Profiling! They'll know who killed us all from this post!

    L'EvilFish - Well, Maths is my ecstasy and adrenaline, call me a maths junkie, I enjoy just about every subject, so PM me maybe for any help!

    MangoFreak - I think these things never fail to sound cheesy :awesome: Get to know me yourselves, losers! :ahee:

    Kit^2a^5y - Resident Airhead. Official thread lurker. I specialise in crappy jokes and laziness

    Swag Hatter - Music lover and closet (or not on TSR) maths and science geek, if you don't like physics, maths or biology. I don't want to know you xD (jks)

    Techno836 - Aspiring to study medicine at Leeds Strongest subjects: biology/english/maths Feel free to talk at anytime, I'm also great at personal problems. If you wish call me Luke

    SarcasticComplex - Future architect, i'm sarcastic, musical and arty, and I *detest* stupid people xD

    iLOVEmusic1234 - 15, Londoner. Like going out with friends, listening to music, reading, singing, dancing. I am told that I am funny, kind, shy but a generally nice person.

    dinrah04 - Future Medic and erm I really like Science, like Particle Physics and such. Pretty big fan of Manga and Anime (Naruto especially) and yh. Basically science enthusiast!

    Dalek1099 - Sci-fi and Maths enthusiast! In fact I create my own modules! I'll boast and never be demoralised, and I love competition but I'm a bit extreme....

    foreverstrong_97 - Hey I'm a future weird medic who loves a laugh or two, if you need any help feel free to ask.

    Farhan96Call me an unorthodox nerd. I love studying and I love the law, but I love doing everything else too. If you want help. Ask.

    theMancunian - Proud Mancunian and aspiring theoretical/astro physicist! Need help? Just ask; much like Sherlock Ohms! (Get it? :giggle:)

    Tara8000 - I'm nocturnal and just about the only person here who actually enjoys R.S., just PM if you need any help ~

    Aurorae - Science and Finance enthusiast, and keen debater. Official spouter of cheesy/bad chat-up lines and witty liners.

    Little Tail Chaser - woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof... Translated.. Good things come in small packages, that just about sums me up! I can be awesome, funny and lively! And I'm a biology nerd :ninja:

    lol-no - hi:grin:, i'm Effie, i'm 15 urm i hate my school but love my friends, and textiles and tumblr. I hope to be an interior designer or architecture, one day so i hope that works out..

    Accent Challenge Entries!

    Dinrah04 Paragraph

    The Challenge:

    Go to:


    Record and upload a voice clip of the following:

    Your name and username.

    Where you’re from.

    Pronounce the following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Theatre, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Pyjamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminium, GIF, Tumblr, Crackerjack, Doorknob, Envelope, GPOY.

    What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?

    What is a bubbly carbonated drink called?

    What’s the bug, that when you touch it, it curls into a ball?

    What do you say to address a group of people?

    What do you call the kind of spider that has an oval-shaped body and extremely long legs?

    Oompa, loompa, oompiddy doo! When you need help in your subject, what do you do? Oh who am I kidding everyone does everything now...

    MangoFreak + techno836 + shadab786ahmed + Swag Hatter - MATHEMATICS (THE BEST SUBJECT)
    Give me a position and I'll give you force, that's how you make a vector! :sexface: If you can't equation properly talk to us!

    dinrah04 + SarcasticComplex + Techno836 - ENGLISH
    Oh Arthur, where for art thou, looking for your knight in shining armour? :moon: If you want to English better than me, query these three, don't you know! Unless you actually want to know how to use words properly That's my job

    LittleTailChaser + Techno836 + Swag hatter - BIOLOGY
    I'll learn about human anatomy through experience, starting with her :sexface: In case you're a prude and want a "family-friendly" version, talk to TailChaser

    MangoFreak + shadab786ahmed + chloe-- + Swag hatter - CHEMISTRY
    Oxygen, Hydrogen, Sulphur, Sodium and Phosphorus walked into a bar. The bartender said, "OH SNaP!" Got a problem with chemistry? We've got the solution! And the precipitate!

    MangoFreak + theMancunian + Swag hatter - PHYSICS (THE REAL SCIENCE)
    If you're dyslexic, you'll enjoy Physics, it's full of hadrons :sexface: but if you want to know why you're able to make that joke, or in fact interact with any piece of matter anywhere, ask us :smug:

    shadab786ahmed + Farhan96 - HISTORY
    I can see the future, you and me together in five minutes :sexface: Want out of here? Escape into the past with shadab's History lessons!

    chloe-- + Dalek1099 - GEOGRAPHY (THAT'S A SUBJECT?)
    Geography - Constructive margins pull apart, so I thought you and me could be a little destructive :sexface: If you've a mountain of work, and need some rock-solid advice, ask Dalek! Tread carefully

    shadab786ahmed + SarcasticComplex - LE FRENCH
    "Je t'aime!" "You love me?!" "No! I wasn't meant to say that!" need to brush up on your French? Ask shadab786ahmed & SarcasticComplex

    MangoFreak - DAS GERMAN
    Ich würde mit Worten spielen, aber Deutsch hat keine Wortwitzen :emo: Wenn du bittest mir um Deutsch, gebe ich Antwörten!

    techno836 - EL SPANISH
    Nos latinas son tan calor! ¿porque piensa vamos a cama dos veces una dia?
    Want to learn to talk like this? Ask techno836

    NinjaPandaa - Shi Chinese Mandarin

    dinrah04 - ASTRONOMY
    Look at the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No wait, it's a giant thermonuclear reactor! Want to know more? Dinrah will save the day!

    Damn, your industry seems amazing but you wanna know how it would be better? If Aurorae breaks through the barriers and inject a sizable stimulus package of his own :perv: Fancy breaking through the subject itself? Just ask him

    chloe-- + MangoFreak - COMPUTERS :ahee:
    Want to learn how to turn your floppy disk into a hard drive? :sexface: to learn to transmit data without the "viruses" ask them! ^^


    Tara8000 - RS and Philosophy! Religions?! :eek: yes, some people still have the faith to believe in so... For help to learn about others OR learn about how people can do such a thing ask the above!

    Warning for speaking against mathematics

    Loyal citizens, followers of the army of the righteous. We gather here today, with the blessing of him above, to purge the souls of the nonbelievers. People, the time has come. Its divine will is to be spread throughout the known world. Let the heretics be burnt by its divine light, let those who wish to believe be welcomed warmly with shelter and let those who choose to commit blasphemy find shelter under the rain of a thousand bolts of lightning. May the nonbelievers perish under the sword of the righteous, and the loyal individuals to be comforted under the shield of justice.

    Do not misunderstand, the journey will not be one made easy, our test of devotion is not one of ease but a challenge. The heretics and our enemies have already shown their cunning and intelligence, the fight will not be one without blood shed. Truly its light must be with us. Clearly there is much work to be done. Steel your souls, pick up your tools and donate what you can to the cause. Surely this is it's will and we are assured of victory. There may be dark times but these will make our light and glory appear ever brighter.

    Useful Links (courtesy of Tail Chaser)

    The Nuffield Foundation - Bursaries and work placements (post-16) for those planes angled in a scientific nature (the scientifically inclined :sexface:) I'm funny I swear :emo:

    Results Day Wiki Page - All the information you could need about results day and afterwards.

    Careers Wiki Page - Want to go straight into employment after Year 11? Just after a Saturday job to earn some extra cash? This page is for you.

    A Levels Wiki Page - Your one stop shop for all things A Level related.

    Direct.gov - Loads of helpful info to help you decide where you want to go after your GCSEs.

    Starting Sixth Form - It's a bit far off, but here's a few tips to make the beginning of Year 12 as good as it can be.

    The Guardian - Further Education Page - Plenty of handy articles about GCSEs and further education.

    Now that we have reached MK II don't stop talking we are aiming to have more Marks than the year twelve had

    Thanks for reading! enjoy! May the juice and squishiness of my newly posted thread be with you!

    :woo: :colone: :awesome:

    Tiny Chat Room
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    WHOOO! :woo:
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    (Original post by Little Tail Chaser)
    WHOOO! :woo:
    No one knows it exists shhh
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    Woo MKII! XD
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    Yay thread!
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    Omg! We're so awesome :') night kittaaaaaay!!!
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    Put me on 10,000th post! Proudest moment of my life :O
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    ahhh well i got 10002 so now conversations anyone i believe i was talking to kittaaaaay about music anyone wanna join ?

    side note ... :woo: for thread 2 xD
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    (Original post by dinrah04)
    Put me on 10,000th post! Proudest moment of my life :O
    I will now
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    Can I be there for maths please
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    I can finally sleep xD

    (Original post by shadab786ahmed)
    Omg! We're so awesome :') night kittaaaaaay!!!
    G'night! Thank you so much! :hug:

    Bye everyone!
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    Where's the paragraph depicting the superiority of maths?
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    (Original post by shadab786ahmed)
    I will now
    okay i now think we need to change that subject thingy ....... we should just have 2 or 3 for each .... with just A*/A (depending on highest)
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    (Original post by Kittaaaaay)
    I can finally sleep xD

    G'night! Thank you so much! :hug:

    Bye everyone!
    Good night, sleep tight!
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    (Original post by Kittaaaaay)
    I can finally sleep xD

    G'night! Thank you so much! :hug:

    Bye everyone!
    Good night!
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    (Original post by techno836)
    ahhh well i got 10002 so now conversations anyone i believe i was talking to kittaaaaay about music anyone wanna join ?

    side note ... :woo: for thread 2 xD
    I don't like any mainstream artists. Just too; mainstream!
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    Night Kitty

    (Original post by MangoFreak)
    (Original post by foreverstrong_97)
    So they don't wonder where we've gone
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    (Original post by themancunian)
    I don't like any mainstream artists. Just too; mainstream!
    no im not into too mainstream stuff :L .............. but at the minute it is alternative rock :L .. Foo fighters xD
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    (Original post by Kittaaaaay)
    I can finally sleep xD

    G'night! Thank you so much! :hug:

    Bye everyone!
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    (Original post by techno836)
    no im not into too mainstream stuff :L .............. but at the minute it is alternative rock :L .. Foo fighters xD
    I like almost anything except for pop. (Western pop to be precise)
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