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    How busy does the gym get and would you recommend getting peak or off peak membership ?

    How good are the facilities ?

    (Original post by Tremmel Smith)
    How busy does the gym get and would you recommend getting peak or off peak membership ?

    How good are the facilities ?
    It does get very busy, so taking a peak membership would make sense if your classes are between 9am to 5pm. You can have a look at most of the facilities on the tour that's been uploaded on YouTube.

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    The gym has recently been refurbished and the facilities now are pretty great. The weights section is a good size and has a variety of machines (but can get busy at peak times, ie. mid-afternoons) and there is also a swimming pool with sauna and steam room.

    If you have a full timetable then I would recommend a peak membership so you can go in the evenings (off-peak members have to be in the gym by 4pm), but if you have a nice timetable an off-peak membership will easily be sufficient.

    The facilities are pretty damn good for the most part, there was still a disappointing absence of bench presses back in June, hopefully they will have changed that though. Otherwise they have 2 squat racks, 1 smith machine, 2 incline benches, 1 decline bench, 4/5 standard benches for the dumbell section, dumbells up to 50? kg I believe, a few spare bars lying around and quite a number of Hammer Strength iso setups. It has all the other standard isolation machines you'd expect to cater for the standard user, and more than enough treadmills/cross trainers/bikes/rowing machines. Additionally they've got dedicated areas for ab exercises and light dumbells.

    I think I heard the swimming pool is pretty much going to be put out of commission (again) as they're totally ripping it apart and replacing it with a new pool or something to that degree. No idea when or for how long this will be though.

    I have a pretty hectic timetable where i'm in every day (~22 hours contact time per week last year) but I still managed to fit in time within the off-peak hours. I doubt you'll need the on-peak membership.

    Whilst the membership was definitely worth the money in the last 2 years, I feel it's a bit getting on the pricey side for this year. With the potential lack of a swimming pool it doesn't totally justify paying about £25 a month (you're only there for about 7 months in reality) for the early bird annual off-peak membership at £180. It would probably be a better idea to see if you can get it on a pay-as-you-go monthly off-peak basis, which WAS £20 a month back in May/June. If they still do this or not, I have no idea, but they definitely offer an on-peak at £28.
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    cheers guys i have around 14 contact hours this year and start early every day , what would you say is the best time to go the gym as i don't want to go when its busy and you have to queue for machines and stuff , so i think ill buy a peak membership . do you know how busy it gets in the evenings and stuff cheers


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