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Psychology 2013 Applicant

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    I will be applying to study Psychology this year and I wish to go to Bristol or Warwick University but my grades have been a massive let down for AS and I don't know if I will still have a good chance of getting in... The grades I got were A for Maths, B for Psychology and D for both Biology and Sociology. I will be re-taking a unit in Biology which will hopefully boost up my grade >.<
    I was wondering what other kinds of university I can have a look at that I would probably have a better chance in getting in. I will still apply to Bristol and Warwick but I would also like any suggestions for universities where I can study Psychology.

    When I applied to Bristol a couple of years ago there were something like 17 applicants per place for psychology and plenty of people who have straight A predictions get rejected from there, so I'm sorry to tell you but if I were you I wouldn't apply there if there are other universities you would consider. I don't know much about psychology at Warwick.

    Have you thought about Bangor? They are very good for psych despite having relatively low requirements (compared to other top universities for psych) and their offer will be points-based so it's a bit more flexible.

    Good luck with your application!

    Bristol was one of my considerations, but I've looked more closely at Bath.

    Have you looked at Essex? I'm really interested in their course as there is an option to go abroad, plus the Psychology department is supposed to be really good.
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    Oh okay, I have had a look at Bangor but it's a bit too far away from home...
    Thank you anyways!

    Bath is an option i'd like to consider, it looks nice there ^^
    Oooo Essex seems like a good university >.< I will definitely research more about it. The year abroad looks good as well

    Thank you for your help!

    What's your A2 predictions? Bristol ask for A*AA/AAA, so unless you can get predicted that, there isn't really much point applying...
    I'm applying to Nottingham, I believe they ask for AAB? Slightly more lenient. Warwick ask for AAA, I believe.

    Birmingham ask for AAA-AAB.


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