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Optimum time spent in gym?

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    When I first started gym, I was spending over 2 hours in the gym (including getting changed). Now, I have reduce the time, spending around 1 hr 40m in the gym (including getting changed).

    I read that you should spend no more then a hour in the gym (including getting changed). One hour seems too short to me. There isn't enough time to do cardio and weights in a hour, unless you just do cardio or weights in a hour, then it's possible.

    Just not sure whether 1 hr 40m is too much and whether I should cut down. In 1hr 40m, I do cardio only or cardio and weights.
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    When I started I might have been there for 2 and a half hours (not including getting changed) but now I'm doing things more intelligently and with more intensity I find 1 and a half to 2 plenty (building muscle not shifting fat).
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    Most people I know seem to do around 1h30m of gym time, then the extra 10-15m for getting showered/changed etc.
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    Where did it say that you should only spend an hour in the gym? What harm will it do if you spend two hours? I always spend at least two hours, if not more sometimes (depending on how motivated I am :P)
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    I spend around 45-60 mins for weights and if i do cardio extra 30 mins, but mostly its just under an hour, i dont know how people can do weights for 2 hours unless they are training like 3 different parts which is daft

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    As much time as it takes for you to get your work done. Don't dawdle but don't rush either. You're in the gym, not on the track after all...
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    Actual workout is about 1 hour but including short warm up run, stretching at the beginning and properly stretching at the end it's 80-90 minutes for me. Often I'll go home and stretch.
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    I get changed before I go to the gym to preserve optimum testosterone levels that getting changed in the building itself would sap. This is probably why I'm so strong compared to most people on here. I sometimes worry that getting changed in my car will get me in trouble with either the old people's home or the under 10s ballet class that all share a car park with the gym, but when real science says you can only have an hour in the gym you can't waste it getting changed. Also the reason why the gyms with really huge guys don't have proper changing rooms.

    I also read a paper that said that the main reason women have lower testosterone than men is because of the extra time it takes to change from a regular bra to a sports bra. These were preliminary studies, but I've read some women on here who wear sports bras all the time. This seems like a recipe for man-like bulk and should be avoided by all but the most hardcore of female powerlifters.
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    (Original post by Old School)
    As much time as it takes for you to get your work done. Don't dawdle but don't rush either. You're in the gym, not on the track after all...
    This. ^ There is nothing written in stone here, that can't be unchanged. It's all down to the individuals fitness level and stamina , routine. People could progress in light year long sessions...
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    I usually get my weights done in 45-60 minutes, add another 30 mins if im doing core/HIIT
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    I was under the impression that an hour at most was optimum for Muscle building purposes, but I presume if you have a cardio goal then it really doesn't matter.


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Updated: September 14, 2012
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