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    Hi! 24 year old student here, been offered unconditional place at the astronomy and physics dept (Physics BSC) and i was wondering if anyone has any experience with commuting to the city? i drive and i read that you can accquire parking permits to park within the uni campus area, but also read that you can park up at Mhall and get the tram to University, does anyone have any advice? Are the trams safe enough to travel with a laptop etc?

    The supertram is perfectly safe. Where are you commuting from? There are other park+ride places too, I think.
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    Thanks! so theres definitley a supertram line directly between the campus and meadowhall? thats pretty sweet, im commuting from the other side of rotherham i guess, its about a 20 minute drive to Mhall

    Supertram is definitely your best bet, check out the stagecoach website for further details I'd say.

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    Thanks guys, supertram it is then! i wasnt familiar with the public transport in Sheff (i usually drive there) so i wasnt sure what to avoid when carrying valuables

    Yeah Supertram go directly from M'hall P&R to the uni. Only have to walk a few metres at either end, haha. Also, the Yellow line tram (middlewood>m'hall via city centre) is the nicer one... safer, because all the shoppers (in.c many students) use it.

    You could always try getting the train to sheffield too... nice walk from the station, and there's a tram from there too.

    Commuter's Guide

    • Stay at a friends hall, so make lot of friends.
    • If you know other commuter's or friends from different uni/city get a cheap hotel room together.
    • If you’re driving home after a night out remember you have to stay sober.
    • If you live in the same city or a near by city remember to know the bus time table as this works out a lot cheaper or you could also call for a taxi.
    • Expand your network. Make lots of friends, social websites are great e.g. Twitter, Facebook, TRS, University Website, Student Union, Linked In + many more.
    • Join societies, uni gym and sports clubs. That way you will have fun and easily make friends with similar interests.
    • Make sure you get involved in everything, just because you commute don't let it affect your university life. Commuter's can party hard!
    • Invite friends over to your house, throw a house party with close friends. Let some stay at your house (if it's okay with house owner obviously.) This way they will feel that they can invite you and let you stay in their room.
    • Make friends that commute this way you will know what each of you go through and can plan events together.
    • Get involved, become a course rep, faculty rep, student ambassador, get involved with your student union.
    • Get a university job or a job in the main city centre. This way you will make friends with students in the whole city.
    • Make sure your up to date with all the major events. So do follow pages or event groups on Facebook and twitter. Plan a nights out with friends! Buy them drinks.
    • Have a going out outfit in your car or bag or locker in case your friends randomly decide a night out. Girls always keep a makeup bag in your purse
    • Join a commuter’s society or create one. Always let SU. Know of any concerns.
    • Do present yourself in the way you want people to see you. Be your real self! don't change yourself for others, but don't be overly drunk so that friends think your a handful! Be classy, be yourself and show your personality
    • Let all your friends know that you commute!
    • Do your reading on the train/buses. Make sure you keep yourself productive in your journey.
    • Time management is important, so make sure you keep a diary or however it suits you, but be organised.

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