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Working as a PG student at Sussex University

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    Hi, All:

    This is my second post to the group regarding Sussex as I am leaning more and more toward coming here as a PG student next September/October. I intend to study development studies at IDS or SPRU.

    I will fund the MA/MSc. program on my own. But I have the option as an international student (U.S.) to work 20 hours per week. Within this capacity, I would like to find out if generally there are opportunities to work for the faculty for 10-15 hours a week doing a PG research and/or other academic work. This may enhance my own research and/or networking with the academic staff.

    Additionally, what are the non-academic working options within the university and how much do the jobs usually pay?

    I'd grateful for your feedback, if possible.

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    At most UK Unis there is a way of signing up emails from the Uni Careers Centre about term-time job vacancies. Other stuff will get advertised on campus noticeboards etc so keep your eyes open. Make sure your Head of Dept or similar *knows* you want p/t work before you arrive - teaching hours tend to get handed out early.

    Off campus, Brighton is a vibrant seaside/tourist town with heaps of large international standard hotels, resturants etc etc. There is also lots of temp admin/office work availiable via Employment Agencies ( seehttp://www.reed.co.uk/jobs/brighton?keywords=part-time as just one example). If you arent too choosy about what you do, then getting some sort of part-time work wont be difficult - you are bright and speak English, thats two major bonuses!

    PS. At a similar University I get paid 500 pounds per 10 week term for teaching 10 first year undergraduates for 1 hour a week plus marking essays etc etc. I have also done casual Uni Library work at about 7 or 8 pounds an hour.
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    Hi -- thank you so much for your brilliant feedback. I will definitely contact, if admitted, my adviser for working research and/or teaching opportunities. The amount of earnings and number of hours you indicated would be perfect for me.

    Thanks for sharing the job link. Take care.


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