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Need a a new phone!!!!

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  • View Poll Results: What phone shall I get??
    Iphone 4s
    Samsung galaxy S3
    Blackberry 9900
    HTC latest

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    I want to get a phone on pay as you go.

    I have budget of £300-£400

    Any advice into the best possible option.
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    any of them except a blackberry
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    (Original post by Callumhamby)
    any of them except a blackberry
    Is the blackberry 9900 that bad?
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    My order of rank would be: Iphone, Samsung gs, HTC, ... (blackberry wouldn't even make it to my list.
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    (Original post by momomo123)
    Is the blackberry 9900 that bad?
    well yes in comparison to any of the others, its just blackberrys are a dying platform, you will buy it and it will be outdated the minute you walk out the shop with it.

    I know a lot of people will hate on the Iphone but at the end of the day its a decent phone that does its job, its very much a phone for the average consumer.

    Personally I use a HTC one X which i am very pleased with.

    I would suggest going to a phone shop and trying out those 3 phones, just see which one you prefer, just down to personal preference. dont listen to all the android/apple haters
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    The thing is Iphone 5 is out is there any point of getting iphone 4s?
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    If your looking for a premium business experience and great typing the Blackberry is a must!

    If your looking for a reliable and sleek but closed operating system then get the Iphone 4S ( however, the iPhone 5 has come out so if you can afford it get that one instead- also the contracts for iPhone are extremely expensive and sometimes no worth the money)

    And if your looking for an open, unique and fully customisable OS i would get an android - The Samsung Galaxy S3 is amazing but expensive. I would get the Samsung over an HTC tho!
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    The S3 is mainstream so I'll go with the 'HTC latest', whatever that is
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    There is something about the HTC I just do not like.
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    Ive made me mind up. Im going to get samsung galaxy s3. What colour shall I get pebble blue or marble white?


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Updated: September 17, 2012
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