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TSR MHoC General Election September 2012

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    Mod edit: There is a long-standing issue that incorrectly prevents members with negative reputation from being able to vote. If you have negative reputation (red gems below your username) but still meet the 3 months/150 posts requirement, send your vote via PM to the Speaker (paddy__power) and Deputy Speaker (TheCrackInTime), and it will be added to the final total.


    It's TSR Election time! The parties of the TSR Model House of Commons, and several independent candidates are campaigning for your votes in TSR's General Election. Their manifestos are below and please read through them carefully as the policies of some parties differ from their real life equivalent.

    The poll is open for 7 days and those of you who have been here over 3 months and have more than 150 posts can vote.

    The MHoC is a forum where members propose and debate changes to the law to improve the country or solve problems. If this appeals to you, or you have an idea for new laws to improve the UK then follow the links in my signature to get involved!

    Love, Paddy.


    Selected policies:

    -Make all Higher Education up to PhD level free of charge.

    -Revamp the education system by increasing funding and implementing post-14 practical education colleges for students who wish to pursue non-academic studies, reducing class sizes for students who wish to pursue academic studies.

    -Implement a harsh carbon tax on businesses who get more than half of their energy from non-renewable resources.

    -Work with other parties to draft a written British Constitution which cannot be altered with a simple parliamentary majority, enshrining basic rights such as freedom of speech and freedom of press.

    -Scrap Britain's nuclear weapons. The current nuclear deterrent, Trident, is an obscenely expensive and unneeded system that was born out of post-Cold War paranoia, and a replacement is unnecessary.

    -Introduce a bill allowing people to recall their MPs. If you feel that an MP in the MHoC isn't doing a satisfactory job, you'll be able to submit a petition calling for their recall. If a certain number of people sign the petition, the MP will be forced to contest their seat in a by-election.

    Miscellaneous info that might make you vote for me:

    -I'm doing a Politics degree and I read books about politics sometimes, so I'm always learning cool new things.

    -I'm not a Tory.

    -I have two dogs; they're pretty cute.

    -I'm a nice guy.

    -My signature was voted the third best on TSR last year, but I don't remember what it was.

    Thanks for reading!

    TSR Conservative Party

    Vote again for Barnetlad- the sensible choice

    Keep the spirit of the late Screaming Lord Sutch alive. Support policies such as:
    - A 99p coin
    - No VAT on starters in Italian restaurants- end the antipasti tax.
    - Regional benefit variations if the lowest rate applies to London SW1.
    - To stop bad management of hedge funds, replace them with brick walls.
    - New EU member applicants must demonstrate proficiency in morris dancing.
    - A Model House of Lords, 12 good students and true, elected in three constituencies- cat lovers, dog lovers, and indifferent to animal lovers.
    - Milton Keynes be renamed Milton Friedman, given current monetary policy.
    Law and Order
    - Put all people convicted of un-social behaviour in to Stocks to help increase the stock market.
    - Proper regulation of the 'buy to let' property market, with training by Timothy Taylor, brewers of 'Landlord'.
    - Legalise talking to strangers on public transport.
    - A ban on ‘Camberwell carrots’.
    - Make it illegal for superheroes to use their powers for evil.
    Environment and other policies
    - Wensleydale cheese should be a protected species
    - All socks to be sold in packs of three as a precaution against losing one.
    - Combat climate change- give buildings outside air conditioning units.
    - A tennis umpire chair for Arsene Wenger to stop him saying 'I did not see that'.
    - One day a week of party political broadcasts, as a break from Eastenders, Big Brother or house renovation programmes.'



    TSR UKIP Party

    A better Britain starts today!

    Over the last term, TSR UKIP has formed an integral part of the Government. During this time, we have had many achievements:

    • Fought to ensure that no more powers are transferred to the EU and worked towards obtaining them back.
    • Revoked diplomatic immunity so that diplomats who commit crimes in our country against our people can be punished.
    • Successfully led the campaign to retain the monarchy.

    TSR UKIP needs your vote to ensure that we can continue to deliver on our pledges and policies that put Britain first. We are not just a one issue party and we pledge the following policies:

    • A referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union.
    • Create the British Bill of Rights, closing many of the currently exploited loopholes while protecting the most vulnerable in society.
    • Improve the rehabilitation of prisoners to reduce reoffending rates and to have prisoners be constructive during their imprisonment.
    • Reform copyright law and ensure that breaching copyright does not lead to imprisonment.
    • Reduce our reliance on fossil fuels using sustainable alternatives.
    • Reduce our overall energy consumption, especially by supporting passive housing (decrease by 35 per cent).
    • Switch to open source software in public administration and support British open source developers.
    • Change the extradition rules to disallow trials for offences not existing in the UK.

    TSR UKIP will always work in the best interest of this country.
    It is not selfish to put Britain’s interests first and we are the only party which will always do so.
    Vote TSR UKIP!

    Hello I am internetguru and I am here to tell you why I deserve your vote. None of the political parties have tackled the real issues the people want addressing. Look at their manifestos from the last election, promise after promise has been broken.

    Tuition fees
    Labour and the Socialists have not lowered tuition fees or even attempted to lower them like they promised. I promise to submit a bill to make all university education free for all UK students on my first day upon being elected.

    Foreign policy
    The Libertarian party claim to be against unprovoked wars yet they oppose leaving Afghanistan and even harbour several MPs pushing for the invasion of Iran. As MP I would oppose such invasions and withdraw from Afghanistan.

    I promise to create economic growth and jobs to help us emerge from the global financial crisis stronger than before. No party has done anything to reform the banking system to prevent the same mistakes as before. I promise to oppose bank bailouts and to ensure there are safeguards to prevent future economic crashes.

    Some of the political parties oppose freedom for example the Socialists and independant MP JPKC attempted to ban porn. Yes it sounds like something the Republican Party in the USA would submit but no it was the Socialists. I promise to ensure the British porn industry is not banned.

    End this cycle of failure by voting for me internetguru.

    TSR Green Party

    Fair is worth fighting for, our plan for a verdant, vibrant Britain.


    The TSR Green Party will build a thriving economy which is fair to responsible companies, workers and consumers alike. We will:-
    - Create a culture where honest commerce thrives and people are rewarded for living positive lives through a major, progressive overhaul of the tax system.
    - Introduce a living wage, ensuring that everyone in work, in this civilised country can remain above the poverty line.
    - Abolish upper limits on NI contributions, reintroduce the 10% tax and lower basic rates putting more income directly into the pockets of the lowest paid members of society.
    - Lower small businesses taxes while increasing Capital Gains Tax to rebalance the economy.
    - Halt the backdoor privatisation of our vital services and encourage a well-run, unashamed public sector.

    Our policies provide more than hot air when it comes to society, we will provide the funding and support to build a better, more sustainable and verdant Britain. We will:
    - Spearhead a national revival in public spaces and public services and provide the means to back this up.
    - Resume directly-funded council housing and social housing, working to fill empty homes and encouraging construction firms to build green housing in the areas it is needed.
    - Focus on providing for smaller schools with more freedom for students and teachers.
    - Reform higher education so it's free at the point of use.
    - Introduce legal and social equality for all, regardless of gender or sexuality, whilst safeguarding the rights of religious institutions.

    TSR Liberal Democrat Party
    Only voting for the TSR Liberal Democrats guarantees the protection of your freedom, progressive reforms to your economy and environmental safeguarding for future generations.
    If you believe in a greener, fairer, prosperous Britain, vote for us!

    Our agenda for a greater Britain:

    Protecting your freedoms
    ●We have cut ties between the Church of England and the British state, giving all beliefs equal recognition.

    We will:
    ● Reform copyright and libel laws to continue fighting for your rights.
    ● See no-one barred from affordable housing, planning investment in expanding social housing.

    A progressive economy

    ●We have legislated to massively invest in training - skills to move our economy again.

    We will:
    ● Reform the economy to end the unsustainable reliance on the financial sector: investing in green technology; boosting manufacturing.
    ● Legislate to separate high street banking from more risky operations.
    ● Construct a first-class railway network, fit for the future, investing in high-speed lines, improving local links - promoting regional development.
    ● End the culture of tax avoidance allowed to exist; corporations and individuals will pay fairly.

    A green and pleasant land

    We will:
    ● Introduce a levy on plastic bags
    ● Massively invest in expanding recycling.
    ● Seek energy independence, investing in renewables and using thorium for nuclear power stations.


    We will improve our forces’ outfitting, by:
    ● Improving equipment for our army.
    ● Focusing on rebuilding our forces to ensure no more cuts.
    ● Holding back on major military engagements unless for humanitarian, protection or peacekeeping purposes.

    If you share our vision for a greener, fairer, greater Britain, vote for the TSR Lib Dems.

    TSR Labour Party

    He who rejects change is the architect of decay. - Harold Wilson

    Double-dip recession, ruthless NHS cuts, rocketing tuition fees. The Conservative-led coalition has left our country in a dire state – but your vote can help us change that.

    Last election, you made us the largest party in the Commons, and we managed to pass legislation for fairer pay, increased science funding and abolishing nuclear weapons. Here's what we aim to do this time:

    • Divert spending to roads, hospitals, schools and other infrastructure, spreading jobs and wealth around the whole country, as part of a stimulus boost to the economy.
    • Ringfence banks into investment and retail halves for a cleaner financial sector.
    • Repeal Lansley's disastrous Health Act, and focus on putting patients before profits by improving cancer treatment and care for the elderly.
    • Revamp the tax system making it simpler and fairer. Everyone should share the burden - that means companies and banks too.
    • Remove private schools' charitable status, increase apprenticeship places for those who feel university isn't for them and abolish tuition fees to make sure everyone has an equal chance at life.
    • Create the transport system you deserve. No more overpriced trains, buses, and flights; and greater help for students in affording travel.
    • Invest in our Olympic legacy, all the way from schoolyards to the next level of international athletes.

    The Labour Party is your party, so help us form this term's government so we can shape the future.

    TheLabourParty – for a fairer Britain.

    TSR Libertarian Party
    Tired of a failing welfare system that traps the poor? We revolutionised welfare to end poverty and make work pay.

    Scared of internet restrictions for "anti-Piracy" reasons? We opposed ACTA, and demanded a complete re-negotiation.

    Agree that speed cameras are council cash cows that cause crashes? We scrapped the war on the motorist.

    What have we done?
    Scrapped VAT, National Insurance and Council Tax. £20K personal allowance. Revolutionised welfare so no-one falls through the safety net.*
    We've ended the living standards squeeze.

    What will we do?
    Local pay scales instead of national, to allow private sector employment in the poorest areas. Keep reducing the most regressive taxes. We'll create a fairer, stronger economy.

    What have we done?

    7 day maximum detention, no CCTV funding, scrapped Control Orders and the fear-mongering terror threat level. We've returned liberty to you.

    What will we do?
    Protect the internet from restriction, protect freedom of speech, movement and association. We'll further reduce the surveillance state.

    What have we done?

    Legalised drugs and prostitution to stop funding organised crime, protect addicts and stop wasting police time.
    We've hugely reduced drug-related crime.

    What will we do?
    Reform prisons to treat the cause of crime, address skill shortages and give prisoners the tools to live in society. We will reduce re-offending.


    TSR Socialist Party

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    Vote Socialist for the MHoC's only left-wing Party.

    While other parties talk about left-wing issues, they rarely reflect it in their actions. The Socialist Party put forward a bill to do what parties like Labour have pledged to in this election, and it was defeated by hypocritical Labour MPs voting against "cracking down on dangerous financial practices". The Lib Dems are similarly two-faced; they parade as progressives and yet when push comes to shove their Deputy Leader votes to ban trade unions, while they vote to pull money from state schools and use it to fund elitist private education. The Party of Clegg is just as right-wing here as they are in RL, you may as well vote Tory. The Greens on TSR are fronted by members that have formerly counted themselves as Libertarians, and describe themselves as "pragmatists".


    (Original post by jesusandtequila)

    I'm pretty sure that (a) you're not libertarian (unless you've suddenly turned all social anarchist on us), and (b) I'm not a libertarian (even if you have).

    You say that you want to "reform prisons to treat the causes of crime"; how do prisons affect the causes of crime? People commit crimes and then go on to prison, so unless you're limiting your definition of crime to re-offending then prison reform is not the answer, is it?

    Research into the real causes of crime (across a wide spread of countries) has found that the more inequal a society is, the more crime there is committed in it. Your policies are not geared towards preventing rife inequality, and in fact most would understand them to make the rich far richer (while the poor are forced into menial labour). Why not mention that you'd abolish the minimum wage? Has that dropped off your agenda now?

    (Original post by davidmarsh01)
    (Original post by TopHat)

    Lies, lies and slander.

    Are you really comfortable with having my Bill as your first achievement? Labour did not "pass" the Fair Pay Act, you merely added your name to the top of it. (I don't think I'll ever offer to collaborate in future, and will urge my Party to do the same.)

    As for the rest of your agenda, how are we to believe any of what you say? Your members opposed several of the things you yourself have pledged to carry out - your MPs voted against a Socialist bill to "Ringfence banks into investment and retail halves for a cleaner financial sector."

    And don't you find that, like last time, most of what you pledge to do just won't realistically happen?


    (Original post by Sauron)
    Nice to see you've returned to your Mordor roots with the manifesto theme. :lol:

    Is this supposed to be an early nod to Halloween or what?


    (Original post by Addzter)
    The MHoC already has a Carbon Tax, I authored it. And we've also already gotten rid of Trident.
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    Interesting. Let the games begin.

    Obviously supporting the Libertarians.
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    Is it me or Labour has copied its RL Manifesto?
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    (Original post by paddy__power)

    Miscellaneous info that might make you vote for me:

    -I'm doing a Politics degree and I read books about politics sometimes, so I'm always learning cool new things.

    -I'm not a Tory.

    -I have two dogs; they're pretty cute.

    -I'm a nice guy.

    -My signature was voted the third best on TSR last year, but I don't remember what it was.

    I'm sold. Voting Addzter.
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    Good luck all
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    I have two questions that hopefully the respective candidates and parties can answer.

    Libertarians: "Local pay scales instead of national, to allow private sector employment in the poorest areas." What does this mean?

    Addzter: "Implement a harsh carbon tax on businesses who get more than half of their energy from non-renewable resources." This is a bit harsh given that as far as I'm aware business get their energy from the grid - they have no other choice - which only has a very small proportion of renewables.
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    Good luck to everyone. Especially to the Tories!!! (I'm not just saying that because I'm the deputy leader, honest!)

    Let the debate begin! One thing I think we all can agree on though; I can't believe it's been six months already since the last one!

    Edit, I forgot to mention: Please feel free to question any one of us here in the Conservative team if you have any questions or want to hear more about our plans to build a brighter future. Feel free to quote us so your post doesn't go un-missed. Have a nice week.
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    vote Socialist!
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    Vote LD
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    Our manifesto hasn't come out right at all...
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    I do love how Labour lay the blame for the recession at the Tories feet, and then go on to admit that they were actually the largest party last term. :rofl:

    Anyway, vote Libertarian!
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    (Original post by Morgsie)

    Is it me or Labour has copied its RL Manifesto?
    Don't know how you came to that conclusion, given we hand-drafted it and made entirely new images...
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    (Original post by TopHat)
    Don't know how you came to that conclusion, given we hand-drafted it and made entirely new images...
    The Policies echoes RL Labour
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    (Original post by TopHat)
    Don't know how you came to that conclusion, given we hand-drafted it and made entirely new images...
    When did Andrew Lansley join TSR, by the way?
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    Death to Capitalism! Vote Socialist!
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    (Original post by paddy__power)
    Negative rating I can't vote so if you are doing the adjusting poll thing I will vote for myself .
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    I wonder what the first debate will be on?
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    (Original post by internetguru)
    Negative rating I can't vote so if you are doing the adjusting poll thing I will vote for myself .
    I'm not: you will have to ask a mod
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