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Want to drop out and re-apply... money help

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    I'm currently a first year undergrad student at Exeter Uni, studying Psychology. I find my course interesting and I like the campus and city but I haven't really settled in here. My flatmates are nice but that's as far as it goes, I don't have any friends on my course or outside that and I'm feeling very homesick. On top of that I have been battling an Eating Disorder for the last 2 years and even in the 10 days I've been at Uni I've been severely relapsing into old ways. What I think I need is to be at home where my family and friends can support me in ways I'm not receiving at Uni.
    What I want to do is drop out of Exeter and re-apply for Cardiff University for 2013 as that means I can live at home yet still study for the degree I want. I've got the grades they want so it shouldn't be a problem.
    But what I want to know is the financial situation. I have received tuition loans and the first installment of maintenance loans which has been spent on paying my accommodation. What money will be expected back and how will this affect me if I re-apply? Will I still be eligible for loans for my 3 year course at Cardiff?
    Help much appreciated asap as I want to make a quick decision.
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    I don't know about Exeter University (I was born in Exeter! =D ), but on my induction day today, Bournemouth University said that if you drop out before the first of December, they only expect a couple hundred pounds payment, however if you drop out after that, you are liable to pay for the full year. We were also told that everyone is entitled to 4 years of however much student finance you can receive, so if you do a 2 year foundation degree, you sitll have 2 years finance that you can put towards either the top up degree, or do an entirely different degree, still with funding, and I assume after you use those 4 years, you become liable for paying any other degrees you do (If you even want more than 2?... lol)

    Unfortunately I didn't ask how dropping out affects that 4 year entitlement, I have assumed it is one of the following options:
    -Drop out before 1st Dec and does not affect 4 year entitlement to finance *
    -Drop out before 1st Dec and removes 1 year entitlement
    -Drop out before 1st Dec and removes from entitlement the full length of degree dropped from (ie 2 or 3 years) **
    -Drop out after 1st Dec and removes 1 year entitlement *
    -Drop out after 1st Dec and removes from entitlement the full length of degree dropped from

    * = Most likely IMHO
    ** = Unlikely IMHO

    I wish you the best of luck, and get over that eating disorder, you probably full well know that it's just in your head, and it isn't healthy to over/under eat, look after your body and you will feel a million times better about yourself and your life! =]


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Updated: September 27, 2012
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