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How long does a miniature schnauzer's hair take to grow?

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    My family has a pet miniature schnauzer, and she's really well-behaved for the groomers at the local vocational college, so we have her cut in proper schnauzer fashion.

    However, that's about the only place she behaves, so she tends to get in a bit of a mess! Usually, we brush her regularly to keep the longer fur on her legs and tummy neat and knot-free.

    But we had her spayed a couple of weeks ago, and we were specifically instructed not to brush her for a while, so her fur got matted and the groomers had no choice but to shave it all really short.

    She's still adorable, but I'm just curious about how long it will take for her fur - especially the long bits on the legs and tummy - to grow back to its old length. I don't really know how fast schnauzer fur grows, so will it be weeks or months?
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    Months I would imagine.
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    it depends what her old length was.

    out of interest who told you not to brush her? That is just idiotic advice. If I didnt brush my poodle (who has long hair) for more than a few days the mattig would be serious serrriioouuususss!

    I would say it may be another 3-5 months before you look back at photos of her now and see a true difference. my dogs hair grows super fast ...however furnishings (the leg and rib hair and beard) tend to grow slower than other areas.. espesh beards!
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    Schnauzers aren't cut, they are to be hand-plucked to keep the hair the correct wiry texture. Clipping takes away the outer coat leaving the curly undercoat which is more prone to knots and mats. It will take months of careful grooming to return the coat to normal if at all.
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    Surely by "not brush" they meant don't brush over the stitches. The rest of her should have been fine!

    As to your answer, it's usually a good couple of months I'd have thought


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