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Introducing the TSR Book Club

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  • View Poll Results: Which book do you want to read in October for TSR Book Club?
    Beautiful Creatures

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    There was some great interest around our first book giveaway, on the Booker Prize review thread.

    So hopefully everyone will be similarly excited about what comes next...the TSR Book Club!

    TSR has teamed up with Penguin Books to launch an exclusive monthly book club. Here's how it works...

    Each month we will give you the choice of two books and run a poll to find the one you would like to read. The book that gets the most votes will then be chosen as our Book of the Month.

    You can see the first poll at the top of this discussion thread. To join in, place your vote and add a comment to the thread. On Tuesday 9 October, we’ll randomly select 10 people out of everyone who's joined in the thread. Those people will receive a copy of the book in return for a review of it.

    Once the book is chosen, we'll start up a Book Club thread, where everyone can discuss what they think of the book. The thread is open to everyone, of course, so please feel free to join in even if you don't get picked to receive a free copy.

    A few things to note:
    • If you're picked, you'll need to PM me your address to receive your book
    • In return for receiving your book, we'd like you to review it for us
    • Your review can be either text or video: if text it should be around 500 words. If video, it should be around two minutes long
    • We'll get the book to you by 15 October. You'll need to post up your review by the end of the month at the latest, in order to be considered for future months of TSR Book Club.
    • We'll run a new TSR Book Club each month, so there will be lots of chances to get involved.

    October’s books are:
    Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
    Noughties by Ben Masters

    Hit the spoiler button below for more details about each of them...


    Beautiful Creatures
    The books… In America’s Deep South, Garcia and Stohl have created a richly atmospheric and hauntingly beautiful world of gothic romance, deadly secrets and magic. Ethan and Lena’s timeless and heartbreaking love story is bound to capture the hearts of true romantics everywhere.

    The film… On 13th February 2013 the first spellbinding book in the series, Beautiful Creatures, is set to become a Warner Bros blockbuster, featuring an all star cast including Emma Thompson, Jeremy Irons, Viola Davies and hot young Hollywood talent Alice Englert, Alden Ehrenreich and Emmy Rossum.

    Is death the end or only the beginning? Ethan Wate always dreamt of leaving the stifling Southern town of Gatlin, but never thought his love for Lena Duchannes would drive him away. Lena, a Caster girl with supernatural powers, unveiled a secretive and cursed side of Gatlin so powerful it forced Ethan to make a terrible sacrifice… Lena has vowed to do whatever it takes to get Ethan back, even it means trusting old enemies or risking lives. Can Ethan find a way to return and rewrite their star-crossed fate? Or are some loves meant to be and others cursed...

    Praise for the series…
    ‘Gorgeously crafted, atmospheric, and original. I devoured it.’
    Melissa Marr, New York Times bestselling author of Wicked Lovely

    ‘Perfect escape for romantics’ SHE magazine

    ‘A definite page-turner’ Daily Mail

    ‘Intelligent and entertaining . . . like early Martin Amis’
    The Sunday Times
    ‘A faultless prose style . . . moments of brilliance . . . Noughties triumphs’
    Dazed and Confused
    ‘This confident debut will infuriate you, make you laugh, trigger lots of nostalgia and leave you with a knowing smile.’ Time Out
    ‘All-singing, all-dancing style, full of flourishes and wordplay . . . genuine comic talent.’
    Daily Mail
    ‘A lively, bittersweet hymn. A street-smart novel for our times.’
    The Financial Times

    We’re over at the quiz machine, slurping our student loans and tossing shrapnel into the slot. Gather round…
    Q: In Brideshead Revisited, what is the name of Sebastian’s teddy bear?
    A: Paddington B: Rupert
    C: Aloysius D: Baloo
    Drink while you think.
    “C’mon Eliot, you do English,” says Jack.
    “Did English. I’m finished now aint I?” I protest. “How the **** should I know anyway?” Jack, a physicist, has always wondered what exactly it is that I do know – literature as an academic pursuit being entirely mysterious to him – and is looking at me doubtfully. The only social utility of my subject that he can make out is its occasional propensity for propelling progress on quiz machines, as well as select rounds of University Challenge. “But yeah,” I add. “It’s definitely Aloysius.”
    English: I’ve served three years. Pulling all-nighters over weekly essays, arguing indefensible points with unswerving commitment, and defying all common sense with consistent ill-logic, I’ve completed my subject. English. I’m nearly fluent now mate. But what next? Back to Wellingborough I guess (I feel it closing in like an obscene womb, pulling me into its suffocating folds…). And then what?
  2. Offline

    The Noughties sounds very interesting...

    It is great that we have an official book club now
  3. Online

    I'd be up for this, I've needed to expand my literary horizons for a while now [=
    I've gone for Noughties too.
  4. Offline

    Up for this. Went for Noughties.
  5. Online

    Exciting stuff. :yeah:
  6. Offline

    I think we had a book club a while back.
  7. Offline

    Noughties it is. Already read it once but will give it another go for this (if voted for!)
  8. Online

    (Original post by meenu89)
    I think we had a book club a while back.
    I think you're right there, but the last one died out at least a year or two ago I think. :moon:
  9. Offline

    we get the book for free?
  10. Online

    (Original post by bestofyou)
    we get the book for free?
    Yep, we've got 10 copies to give out for free. So we can't send one to everyone, but if you don't get one hopefully you'll still be up for joining in the book club discussion.
  11. Offline

    (Original post by shooks)
    Yep, we've got 10 copies to give out for free. So we can't send one to everyone, but if you don't get one hopefully you'll still be up for joining in the book club discussion.
    yeah sure I'm in.

    The 10 are completely random then? When do you know if you are picked?

    I voted noughties, though it doesn't seem to have great reviews on amazon...
  12. Offline

    Noughties sounds MUCH more interesting.

    <3 x
  13. Offline

    Noughties looks very interesting
  14. Offline

    I'm in. Noughties looks great!
  15. Offline

    I'm interested. I chose Noughties.
  16. Offline

    This sounds really fun

    I voted Noughties - sounds like an interesting book.
  17. Online

    (Original post by bestofyou)
    yeah sure I'm in.

    The 10 are completely random then? When do you know if you are picked?

    I voted noughties, though it doesn't seem to have great reviews on amazon...
    Cool. Yep, the 10 are random - we'll select 10 posters at random from everyone who joins the thread. I'll be sending a PM to everyone who's getting a book on Tuesday afternoon.
  18. Offline

    Yeah book discussions haha if only people knew what i did behind closed doors :ninja:
  19. Offline

    Aah, I've heard that the second book is brilliant I think... I'd vote noughties!
  20. Offline

    Putting my vote in for Noughties, looks like an interesting read.


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Updated: November 21, 2012
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