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Are petrol stations open today?

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    Hey everyone.

    You know you get places that close on a bank holiday or whatever, well im practically out of petrol and forgot about today being good friday until this morning. Are petrol stations open today or not?

    Cos i cant chance driving all the way there and it being closed and having to drive all the way home. Its only a 5 min drive from my house but im nearly at the empty mark. Between empty and the first dash.


    Karen x
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    Google one and phone them?
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    Uh.. I don't know about where you live, but here in Singapore, petrol pumps are open 24/7 including weekends and public holidays. It'd be pretty absurd to shut down on public holidays.
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    nah, i was just hoping someone on here would know.

    karen x
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    i live in west sussex in england. alot of shops close for bank holidays or close early.
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    i'm sure they would be open, they aren't going to throw away good business like that! Imagine their losses
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    In fact if it's only 5 minutes why don't you walk over and have a see.
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    because it wouldnt take 5 minutes walking...it would take more like 20 minutes and im tired.
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    er no, ive just got home from work, been on my feet all day thank you
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    ok, whatever...
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    i work in a petrol station, and its open today. Iwas working this morning and got double pay
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    yes. damn, ive been to stations on xmas day.
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    Sainsburys petrol stations should be open
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    the esso opposite is open so.........
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    Tesco is open its usual "all hours" type thing- my friend is working until midnight in the petrol station!
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    what a godless country
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    even my local charity shops were open today!
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    (Original post by rahmed)
    ok, whatever...
    Hmmm. i knew i would get neg repped for that, thanks! :rolleyes:
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    (Original post by rahmed)
    Hmmm. i knew i would get neg repped for that, thanks! :rolleyes:
    Jesus, what a bitch.


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