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Where to buy Christmas jumper?

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    Hate to sound a bit premature but where can I buy Christmas-style jumpers?

    I'm not looking for the 'goofy' reindeer type which flashes and is more novelty than is to actually wear. I'm looking for a knitted jumper, with a sort of fairisle design to it...

    I've seen a few at Topshop but they're £40-50 and I can't really afford that for a jumper.

    Fairisle: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=fa...JYe-0QWAloCABw

    Looking for something like this:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Primark will probably do something, I have one from there from a couple of winters ago that was only £12
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    I've found that it's pretty easy to find cheap fairisle jumpers in vintage/charity shops, that's where I got mine from.
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    http://www.wearecow.com/shop It's an online charity shop so it's fairly cheap. There is only one of each thing however.. Look on Knitwear under both boys and girls. A lot of girls at my college just wear oversized boys jumpers anyway?

    http://www.cmbkofficial.com/category/jumpers-knits CMBK is okay as well but it all sells out so fast!
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    http://www.bravesoul.co.uk/shop/clot...er?colour=NAVY love a good christmas jumper iv already got mine dont worry
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    Primark usually have some, especially in the mens' section.


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